IAM hosts a series of events under the IPBC banner.

IPBC Global is an annual event hosted in the summer. The 2019 will take place in Boston from June 16 to 18 2019. This top-level event addressed issues at the cutting edge of IP value creation and management. It brings together acknowledged IP thought leaders from around the world in an atmosphere specifically designed to facilitate the exchange of ideas and experiences.

IPBC Asia is the only annual event in Asia-Pacific to focus specifically on IP value creation and reflects the region’s growing importance in the international IP marketplace. The sixth annual event will take place at the Ritz-Carlton Shanghai in Pudong on December 2 to 4 2018.

IPBC Latin America is our inaugural event in the region, taking place in Rio de Janeiro on November 29 2018. IPBC Latin America has been specifically designed with and for rights holders in the region looking to harness and maximise the value of their IP assets.

IPBC Europe was developed by and for IP managers inside European companies looking to closely align IP and business strategies. It focuses specifically on the challenges IP executives face when devising and building sustainable IP value creation programmes. The event will next take place from 27 to 28 March 2019 in Paris, France.

Focusing on best practice in corporate IP, IPBC’s series of one-day events continues to grow in 2019:

IPBC India – Mumbai, India
IPBC Southeast Asia  – Singapore
IPBC Taiwan  – Taipei, Taiwan
IPBC Shenzhen  – Shenzhen, China
IPBC Korea  – Seoul, Korea