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Maximising IP value in Asia

IAM is pleased to be hosting IPBC Asia 2016 from December 4 to 6 at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Shanghai, Pudong. Returning to Shanghai, China’s commercial powerhouse, IPBC Asia 2016 is set to be the most dynamic yet – leveraging IAM’s extensive relationships with the Chinese IP community and the phenomenal success of previous IPBC Asia events to ensure unparalleled attendance from corporate IP leaders in China, the region and across the globe. Click here for IPBC Asia 2016

IPBC Asia 2015 focused on the many ways in which IP owners doing business in the Asia-Pacific region are strategically using intellectual property to secure greater operational flexibility, drive revenues, enhance bottom-line returns, increase shareholder value and provide leverage in the financial markets. At the same time, it addressed the particular issues being faced by the region’s rights holders as they seek to expand their businesses to other parts of the world and create additional value from their IP assets.

Held in Japan, Asia’s IP powerhouse, it was the largest IPBC Asia event yet, building on the phenomenal success of the inaugural IPBC Japan in 2014 (a domestic event specifically designed for senior IP executives at leading Japanese corporates) and sell-out IPBC Asia events in 2013 (Singapore) and 2014 (Shanghai).

We were joined by a world-class faculty of speakers made up of individuals in charge of intellectual property at some of the region’s most forward-thinking companies, alongside key players from the global IP value creation community. Their unique insights and experiences provided delegates with a thorough understanding of IP value creation strategy, as well as the many challenges that IP owners must address both now and in the future.

IPBC Asia 2016 will be held at the Ritz-Carlton Shanghai, Pudong from December 4 to 6 2016. As with all IPBC events, we anticipate very high demand for the limited number of available tickets. If you would like to confirm your interest in attending next year’s event before registration opens in early 2016, please visit our IPBC website for more details.

For more information on IPBC Asia 2016, please contact Globe Business Media Group’s Asia-Pacific business development director, Dan Cole, on +852 5665 5774 or at

The next IPBC event will be IPBC Global 2016, which will be held at the Hotel Arts, Barcelona from June 5 to 7. For further details, please click here.


For any queries please contact Daniel Cole at, or our representatives in Tokyo at or 03-5579-9289.

Topics to be discussed:

Asia market wrap
Monday November 9 2015 09:30-10:50

The past 12 months have seen major changes in Asia’s foremost IP markets. This session helps rights holders to keep tabs on the major trends in IP management, litigation, transactions and legislation across the region.

  • Strategic reassessment in Japan
  • China’s breakneck IP development
  • The Korean innovation drive

The Elite: corporate structures for maximum effect
Monday November 9 2015 11:30-12:50

The Asia IP Elite all view IP as a key component of their business strategy. But they have each chosen to structure their IP functions – and how they relate to other in-house departments – in a variety of ways.

  • Chief IP officer or in-house counsel?
  • The importance of a direct line to the board
  • Coordinating internal relationships

Big markets, big changes
Monday November 9 2015 14:15-15:30

Legislative reforms and court decisions are changing the face of the US patent system, while the European Union will soon have a unitary patent right and unified court system. This session will keep rights holders up to speed on the latest developments.

  • The new US environment
  • Europe’s impending unitary regime
  • Value creation consequences

IP, venture capital and the start-up ecosystem
Monday November 9 2015 14:15-15:30

IP assets are playing an increasingly important role in investment decisions. This session examines how IP can help small businesses to secure growth capital, and how venture funding can assist larger companies in sourcing new technology.

  • The spin-out option
  • Corporate venture projects
  • Public and private sectors

Strategic competitive intelligence
Monday November 9 2015 16:10-17:25

Today’s data-driven world contains a wealth of IP-related information that can help businesses to excel in targeting R&D investment, forming collaborative relationships and developing monetisation programmes.

  • Harnessing big data
  • Inside patent analytics
  • Charting the landscape

Beyond patent protection: trade secrets, utility models and designs
Monday November 9 2015 16:10-17:25

Utility models and industrial design rights are particularly popular forms of IP protection for Asia-Pacific companies, while trade secrets are growing in importance – and value – with new laws in Europe and the evolution of the US patent regime.

  • The benefits of utility models
  • Embracing design
  • Time for trade secrets

Reducing patent vulnerability, enhancing market reach
Tuesday November 10 2015 09:15-10:50

Businesses from Asia-Pacific need to develop high-quality patent portfolios as they expand their footprint globally. To achieve this they must employ strategies encompassing organic growth, licensing and acquisitions.

  • Goldplating your portfolio
  • When to file, when to license and when to buy
  • Identifying danger spots

The great monetisation debate
Tuesday November 10 2015 11:30-12:50

Selling patents is one of the most obvious routes to creating value from non-core IP. But while cash payments and ongoing revenue streams benefit the original owner, others face lawsuits and unwelcome licence demands. In this session panellists will debate the motion: "Ultimately, it is bad for industry and the wider economy if companies sell their patents purely for financial gain."

  • Operating company and NPE perspectives
  • The economic impact of patent monetisation
  • Finding a middle way 

Getting to grips with FRAND and SEPs
Tuesday November 10 2015 14:30-15:45

Asian corporates are among the major contributors to global industry standards. As competition authorities in several countries increase their scrutiny of IP, it is crucial to have a handle on the antitrust environment.

  • Working with standards-setting organisations
  • Judicial and regulatory decisions
  • Licensor and licensee perspectives

Putting a price on your portfolio
Tuesday November 10 2015 14:30-15:45

Establishing patent value is fundamental to managing IP as a business asset. This session seeks to share insights and best practices from experienced appraisers of patent value.

  • When and why to value
  • Different valuation methods
  • Art, science or both?

Quality is king
Tuesday November 10 2015 16:25-17:40

A shift is taking place in the global IP market: the prevailing question is now whether a patent is valid, rather than whether it has been infringed. This is presenting a host of new opportunities for businesses, their competitors and the investment community.

  • Impact on corporate IP strategies
  • The US inter partes review regime
  • China’s quality drive

Licensing contexts
Tuesday November 10 2015 16:25-17:40

An increasing number of companies are using it to generate revenue, but the value of licensing goes further than that. This session examines the opportunities and challenges that confront the would-be licensor in the Asia-Pacific region.

  • Opening new revenue streams
  • Facilitating collaboration and cooperation
  • Anti-trust challenges in China, Europe and the United States

The 2015 Asia IP Elite Gala Dinner was held during IPBC Asia on the evening of Monday November 9 to honour those companies and entities that IAM has identified as the region’s IP value creation leaders. For full information on the winners, please click here.

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