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Maximising IP Value in Asia

The second IPBC Asia took place at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Pudong, Shanghai, December 7 to 9 2014.

The event was a huge success, with well over 400 delegates from leading Asian and international corporations, as well as senior members of the IP commercialisation and monetisation communities, in attendance. 

With contributions from some of the foremost IP thought leaders from North America and Europe alongside Asia-Pacific’s leading experts, and case studies presented by those working at the cutting edge of IP value creation, IPBC Asia 2014 gave attendees an invaluable chance to gain insights about global best practices in strategic IP management and exploitation.

IPBC Asia 2015 will be held at the Palace Hotel, Tokyo from November 8 to 10 2015. Japan’s status as a technology world leader and the exciting opportunities it presents from an IP value creation standpoint mean that we anticipate very high demand for delegate places at this event. If you would like to get a head start on the crowd and confirm your interest before registration opens in early 2015, please visit

For more information on IPBC Asia 2015, please contact The IP Media Group’s Asia-Pacific business development director, Dan Cole, on +852 5665 5774 or at

The next IPBC event will be IPBC Global 2015, which is being held at the Palace Hotel in San Francisco from June 14 to 16. For further details, please visit

Programme highlights

Taking IP out of Asia
Monday 8th December 09:15 - 10:35

An increasing number of Asian companies are looking to develop strong IP positions in North America and Europe. But legislative, judicial and market changes mean that challenges and opportunities abound.

  • Understanding the international patent marketplace
  • The impact of US reform
  • Strategies for a unified patent regime in Europe  

IP value creation master class
Monday 8th December 11:15 - 12:35

A select group of companies in Asia engage in world-class best practices when it comes to IP value creation. The strategies they employ and their different experiences provide any number of lessons for those seeking to emulate them.

  • Making the most of monetisation
  • IP-based mergers and acquisitions
  • Facilitating collaboration and open innovation

Creating a best-in-class corporate IP function
Monday 8th December 14:15 - 15:30

In order to maximise the value of the intellectual property it owns, a company needs a strong in-house IP team. Building one and then maintaining it is a complicated task.

  • Identifying key personnel
  • Creating and benchmarking performance metrics
  • Integrating IP into overall corporate strategy

New options in IP financing
Monday 8th December 14:15 - 15:30

There are more ways in which to use IP as collateral than ever before – with several Asian countries leading the way in developing new schemes. However, there is still some distance to travel before IP-backed finance becomes mainstream.

  • Assessment and valuation challenges
  • State-backed financing schemes
  • Looking into the future

China’s IP elite – learning the lessons (in Chinese, English translation)
Monday 8th December 14:15 - 15:30

Although most Chinese companies are only now beginning to embrace the potential of IP, an elite few got the message a long time ago. There is much to learn from the example that they have set.

  • Why some companies get IP and so many others don’t
  • Made in China – building an IP function for Chinese needs
  • How to stay at the top of the tree

Building a world-class licensing programme
Monday 8th December 16:10 - 17:25

There is money to be made from IP licensing, as a growing number of companies in Asia and elsewhere are demonstrating. However, doing it right is a complex challenge.

  • Identifying what IP to license
  • Finding your licensees
  • Doing it in-house or outsourcing

Understanding the dynamics of patent funds
Monday 8th December 16:10 - 17:25

Privately run and state-backed patent funds are becoming more common across the world. Although they often share similar features, their purposes (and success rates) vary considerably.

  • The major players
  • A variety of business models
  • The keys to fund success

Finding China’s next IP leaders (in Chinese, English translation)
Monday 8th December 16:10 - 17:25

To make the most of its IP potential, China needs to ensure that it has a steady supply of top-class IP talent ready to fill positions in its companies, its service providers and its governmental institutions. So where will they come from and what skills will they need?

  • The industry angle
  • Initiatives at Chinese educational institutions
  • How to identify the most talented individuals

Inside Asia’s key IP markets
Tuesday 9th December 09:30 - 10:50

Economic muscle, dynamic markets and large populations combine in a number of Asian countries to make them attractive places in which to create, acquire and exploit IP. But making the most of the opportunities that a jurisdiction offers depends on inside knowledge of how things work there.

  • Bounce-back in Japan
  • Making the most of China
  • Korea’s growing IP economy

Deal-making dos and don’ts
Tuesday 9th December 11:30 - 12:50

More and more companies are seeking to get involved in IP transactions; but to do this as effectively as possible is a complicated process. Understand what they are and there are deals to be done. Get it wrong, however, and it could cost a lot more than money.

  • The keys to successful selling
  • Making sure you buy what you need
  • Working with outside advisers

IP value creation beyond monetisation
Tuesday 9th December 14:30 - 15:45

There is a lot more to creating value from IP than buying, selling and licensing. In fact, for most companies, the true worth of their rights lies in the things they enable way beyond the money making.

  • Building successful IP-based partnerships
  • Patenting strategies for freedom to operate
  • Using IP to attract investors

NPEs – new models, new territories
Tuesday 9th December 14:30 - 15:45

Although most commonly associated with the United States – and still very active there – non-practising entities (NPEs) are beginning to expand into other jurisdictions. As they do so, the business strategies that they employ are becoming ever more diverse and sophisticated.

  • NPEs as partners, not adversaries
  • The move into Asia
  • Why NPEs are here to stay

The ins and outs of IP acquisitions
Tuesday 9th December 16:25 - 17:40

It is not hard to find IP for sale, but with availability at an all-time high, identifying the good stuff and then making sure that you get your hands on it at the right price is probably more challenging than it has ever been before.

  • When to buy, when to license-in
  • Buying through brokers
  • Getting the deal done

Quality counts
Tuesday 9th December 16:25 - 17:40

In days gone by, when defence was the only game in town, what mattered most was the size of a patent portfolio; but now the focus is increasingly on the quality of the assets it contains.

  • Why quality matters so much
  • Separating the wheat from the chaff
  • Quality initiatives at issuing authorities

The Asia IP Elite Gala Dinner was held at IPBC Asia on Monday December 8 to honour those Asia-based companies and entities that IAM has identified as the region’s IP value creation leaders for 2014. For full information, please click here.

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