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As recent IPBCs have shown – whether held in Beijing, Singapore, San Francisco or Tokyo – the event’s format works because it brings together the most senior representatives from across the IP industry and the world to discuss corporate IP strategy best practice.

Below are some comments from past participants.

Guillaume Menage Vice president, licensing and IP Counsel, France Brevets


David Cordeiro Vice president, commercial transactions, TechInsights


Vincent PuyplatVice president, France Brevets


Béatrix de Russé President, BAIP


Roger Chang Partner, Lee and Li Attorneys at Law


Haiyin Chang Chief technical advisor & US patent agent, Louis International Patent Office


Alyssa Harvey DawsonVice president, global intellectual property and licensing, Harman


Rene Chung Partner, Adamsons & Partners


“IPBC Asia is premium placed forbusinesspeople in the IP field to congregate, so we meet a lot more potential customers. We are meeting people whose business isIP – what more could you ask for?”   Terry Ludlow
Founder and CEO

“There are other conferences, but IPBC is the best at bringing together IP people. You can see from the attendee list that this conference is the one to be at. I expect IPBC 2015 in San Francisco will be very well attended. The US is one of the hot marketplaces for the buying and selling of patents, and having it in San Francisco, I expect there to be a lot of important people there.”   John Flock
Kenyon and Kenyon

“IPBC Asia has provided a great opportunity for Google to introduce some of our licensing initiatives. It attracts a great crosssection of companies… It’s great to see a lot of colleagues who would otherwise be hard to visit in Asia – to see them all in one place at the IPBC is fantastic.”   Kirk Daley
Head of patent transactions

“It has been a really great experience. The uniqueness of this conference is the attendance. There is a variety of companies, from large to small; professionals who are really at the top of their game in the IP field, so in that regard you really learn a lot. Having the chance to meet people from all of over the world in Shanghai is a really rare opportunity. In fact, it is so well organised that I expect to go to the next one in San Francisco.”   Ben Wang
Head of patents, China

“Companies I have had a hard time meeting separately are here… It’s a very valuable opportunity to come here.”   Steve Joroff
Head of Asia-Pacific IP licensing

“IPBC has always been a great conference – I have attended it all around the world. Here in Shanghai is the perfect mix of international and Asian company representatives, and those are the things that make this conference really interesting to me. It’s a very business-focused conference; it’s about intellectual property at its core. For that reason, along with the attendance you get here, we will always attend this conference.”   Guy Proulx
Chairman and CEO
Transpacific IP

“This conference provides an amazing opportunity for networking.”   Xinming Wan
Chief engineer of open innovation centre R&D

“IPBC is the pre-eminent conference right now. It brings together the high-end IP deal makers and there’s a lot of value in that – the networking opportunities are as important as the conference itself.”   Chad Hilyard
Chief IP counsel

“It’s a very interesting mix of global IP professionals.”   Eeva Hakoranta
Head of patent licensing

“Meeting the number of people doing very similar things, sharing similar problems, all striving to extract value out of IP in whatever shape or form – learning from their difficulties and recognising similarities – has been excellent.”   Christine Emmanuel
Executive manager, IP and investment portfolio
Commonwealth Scientific & Industrial Research Organisation

“Without a doubt the IPBC is the foremost event for decision makers in IP.”   Peter Holden

“The IPBC is not one of those mass audience convocations. Rather, it is a real thought-leadership laboratory for identifying value in the ideas that fuel companies, businesses and the world of commerce. This meeting is Davos for the people who invest in and manage the intellectual capital which is at the source of value in business today. Count yourself lucky if you can participate.”   John Olsen
Edwards Wildman Palmer UK LLP

“The IPBC is the single most auspicious and useful gathering of IP holders, executives and investors.”   Bruce Berman
Chief executive officer
Brody Berman Associates Inc

“The forum, the agenda and the participants and attendees were of the highest calibre.”   Daniel Henry
Vice president, licensing
Personal Audio LLC

“The IPBC is the conference in the patent space. All the players – market movers, market makers, buyers, sellers from across the world – come to one place for this event. I’m not aware of any other event like this in the patent space. If you’re in the business, regardless of where you sit in the business, this is the conference to attend, so it’s an honour to be here.”   Anthony Hayes

“I met very interesting people who seemed to be real 'movers and shakers' in the contemporary patent IP scene.”   Lynne Beresford
Former commissioner for trademarks
US Patent & Trademark Office

“The IPBC gives a great overview of what is going on. A very nice mixture of characters, industries, professional backgrounds and mind sets.”   Ulrich Wagemann
Director of patent transactions
Carl Zeiss Inc

“It is the most useful of all conferences because it gathers leaders from disparate disciplines who rarely meet, but need to. The IPBC team are sensationally helpful and the entire event is exceptionally well organised.”   Paul R Michel
Chief Judge (Retired)
US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit

“It’s the pre-eminent conference globally to support a focus on the business of IP rather than the practice.”   David Brown
Managing director of IP solutions
Thomson Reuters

“If you are thinking of coming to an IP event, this is the one to attend.”   Brian Hinman
Chief IP officer
Philips Intellectual Property & Standards

“The IPBC has become the place to be to hear the latest on IP and to meet the top in IP.”   Ruud J Peters
Royal Philips NV

“An astonishingly high participation of IP practitioners. In one event, a global IP who's who.”   Ciarán McGinley
Principal director, patent administration
European Patent Office

“This was a terrific conference with great global participation from the IP community leadership.”   Thaddeus Burns
Senior counsel, IP and technology policy
General Electric Co

“These are great conferences.”   Ira Blumberg
Vice president of IP

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