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Chofn IP

Founded in 2002, Chofn IP is a leading full-service IP firm based in China, with practices covering all areas of intellectual property. Chofn IP provides services relating to patent, trademark, copyright, anti-counterfeiting, unfair competition and trade secret law. Practising IP law at the frontier, Chofn IP’s professionals excel in applying the latest Chinese regulations governing the protection of IP assets.

With a growing number of offices in major cities throughout Asia, Chofn IP is committed to providing prompt and pragmatic IP solutions to clients of various sizes and technologies. Chofn IP provides counselling on both domestic and international matters to well-established firms worldwide.

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For over two decades, IP teams and outside legal counsel have trusted Chipworks – a TechInsights company – to help them to identify and fully leverage their best patents, protect their competitive position, prepare for litigation and develop successful IP strategies. 

By combining deep patent and market knowledge with the most sophisticated in-house technical analysis capabilities in the world, we have demonstrated an unrivalled ability to match patents to products – and deliver solid evidence of use in high-revenue markets. 

Finnegan, Henderson, Farabow, Garrett & Dunner, LLP

Finnegan, Henderson, Farabow, Garrett & Dunner, LLP is a leading law firm in all areas of US and EU IP law, including litigation, prosecution and counselling. To better serve clients, the firm has offices in the United States, Europe and Asia. Our team of professionals is both multicultural and multilingual, with skills in more than 20 languages. 

Protecting innovative technologies and valuable brands developed in Asia has long been a focus for Finnegan. This continues to be a driving factor in expanding our accessibility to clients in the region, which began with the opening of our first international office in Tokyo in 1988. Long before most other US law firms, we recognised the importance of the Asian market and forged strong relationships with companies that remain valued clients today. With a client base that spans the continent, we have offices in strategic technology centres to provide clients with local resources for US and EU IP law capabilities. Our teams on the ground in Tokyo, Taipei, Shanghai and Seoul coordinate with attorneys and professionals throughout the firm to seamlessly serve clients with interests in Asia. On opening our Tokyo office, Finnegan became one of the first foreign firms licensed to practise in Japan. For nearly 30 years we have represented Japanese clients – including global life science and technology leaders – in high-stakes matters in US courts and before the International Trade Commission. Clients with interests in Japan take full advantage of the services we offer.


Founded in the United Kingdom and Japan in 1990, Intralink works with IP-rich companies from Europe and North America to develop and execute licensing strategies for the key markets in Asia-Pacific. The company has offices in Japan, Korea, China and Taiwan and a staff of over 50 full-time, bilingual people engaged in IP-related activities. 

Intralink has experience of working with intellectual property across a broad range of technologies and sectors, from semiconductors and photonics to telecoms and displays. The company works for some of the best-known technology companies in the world and, through its non-litigious patent licensing activities, has concluded deals with many of Asia’s leading original equipment manufacturers. The company has also licensed enabling technologies in the electronics, energy, automotive and biotech fields. 

Intralink has offices in London, Berlin, Boston and Silicon Valley and – through its presence in Asia – strong relationships with the IP departments of Asia’s patent holders.

IAM Market

IAM Market is an online marketplace that brings together people who see the commercial value of intellectual property and technology and want to do business together. Whether you need freedom to operate, a faster process than traditional research and development, the assets to launch your own licensing business or a technology partnership, start your search on IAM Market.


VALUENEX, Inc is an algorithm and artificial intelligence development company that was founded in Tokyo in 2006 by Tatsuo Nakamura. The creation of proprietary algorithms and development of panoramic-view analytics software led to breakthroughs in IP research and big data analytics. This formed the foundation of VALUENEX, a consulting and solution services business that has become an industry leader in Japan. In 2014 VALUENEX opened its first US office in Menlo Park, California.

VALUENEX's objective is to be an intellectual innovator and industry leader in the world's largest business-to-business enterprise software market, providing the most dynamic, visualised and precise analytics software solutions, along with the highest-quality consulting expertise and technical support for customers. With its user-friendly Intellectual Property Dashboard, VALUENEX can customise solutions to meet client needs in:

  • R&D strategy and white space analysis;
  • IP monetisation and evaluation;
  • financial instrument and asset management analysis and leveraging; and
  • legal analysis.

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Sonoda & Kobayashi IP Law

Sonoda & Kobayashi IP Law was established in 1998. Since then, we have represented a growing number of global and Japanese domestic companies. Our high grant rate for patents and our winning litigation record have provided us with an international reputation as one of the most reliable IP law firms in Asia. Our firm provides quality services through our multinational team of law, technology and language experts.

Not only do we take care of IP applications in Japan, we also deliver a one-stop global IP protection service. We have a strong network of excellent partner firms working under our lead that adhere to our strict quality requirements.

We also provide a support service to local IP departments to alleviate their workloads. This service comprises various levels of support such as organising meetings with inventors, managing the IP docketing process and reporting internal IP-related activities to a company’s headquarters. 

Sugimura International Patent and Trademark Attorneys

Sugimura International Patent & Trademark Attorneys, founded in 1923, is a leading IP law firm in Japan. Sugimura has consistently been ranked among the top Japanese patent and trademark firms and has earned a reputation for high-quality services in various IP areas, including prosecution, evaluation, licensing and litigation.

With 170 professional staff members, Sugimura delivers results-oriented solutions and offers customised services that are tailored to clients’ needs. Sugimura’s attorneys are not only skilled in the nuances of IP law and regulations, but are also technical experts in virtually every industry – such as the electrical, mechanical, chemical, pharmaceutical, material engineering and life sciences industries – and are skilled in multiple languages. To better serve foreign clients, Sugimura established a regional office in Silicon Valley. The Silicon Valley branch and Tokyo office work together seamlessly to deliver tailored solutions and around-the-clock services to clients worldwide.


NLO protects and reinforces clients’ ideas, innovations and trademarks to perfection, bearing in mind the markets in which they are actively involved. How we proceed and work together with clients is guided by the key values that our organisation is based on: expertise, passion, teamwork, creativity and experience. These have been the key ingredients of our services for over 125 years and will continue to be pivotal in the future. NLO is the largest full-service IP consultancy in the Netherlands and Belgium.

For strategic choices involving IP portfolios, clients prefer advice from different perspectives. We offer the unique combination of technical and legal expertise and insight into the business environment. Our teams – comprising trademark and patent attorneys – combine complementary knowledge and expertise so that every type of issue can be addressed at every possible level. 

Tsai, Lee & Chen

Tsai, Lee & Chen (TLC) is a top-tier IP law firm based in Taiwan. The firm has provided the full spectrum of IP services since 1995. Over two decades, it has represented more than 2,000 clients worldwide – including Fortune 500 corporations – and received numerous awards.

Many of TLC’s professionals possess dual qualifications across Taiwan and China, which enables the firm to tailor technical and legal solutions for clients. TLC’s patent attorneys particularly specialise in high-tech fields, including semiconductors, display technology, telecommunications, consumer electronics, chemistry, pharmaceuticals, mechanical engineering, computer software, business methods and industrial designs. The firm’s litigators are seasoned at advocating for multinational corporations and have successfully won many landmark cases relating to patents, trademarks and unfair competition. The firm’s trademark group works seamlessly on applications and prosecution, and the group’s outstanding skills are demonstrated by the complicated contentious issues that it tackles. 


Established in 1999, Wisdomain specialises in patent mining solutions that enable IP professionals to search and analyse worldwide technology sectors to make faster, better and more cost-effective IP business decisions. Wisdomain’s flagship product ActionablePatents.com is a leading patent search and analysis solution with a series of advanced tools designed to integrate big patent data into ready-to-use information for IP professionals and IP-intensive organisations across all industries. During Spring 2014 the company also launched automated report generation solution IP Intellisource, which eliminates time-consuming research and data compilation work by instantly providing user-specified patent analytics reports containing actionable information.

Wisdomain products are available in English, Korean and Japanese. 


HTS is a select team of experienced and credentialled licensing, technical and business executives. We have a core team of highly skilled IP professionals, each with up to 20 years’ best practice experience in licensing, litigation, patent prosecution, valuation, reverse engineering and patent asset brokerage. We have supported and led licensing programmes resulting in many multimillion-dollar settlements and generated several hundred million dollars of incremental revenue for our clients. We work with Fortune 500 technology companies in the United States, Europe, Japan, Korea, Taiwan and China, with a reputation for integrity that is unsurpassed in the industry.

Shobayashi International Patent & Trademark Office

Founded in 1998, Shobayashi International Patent & Trademark Office is one of the fastest-growing IP law firms in Japan. With 170-plus professional staff members, Shobayashi has 11 specialised departments providing tailored IP services in a range of technical fields – including chemical, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, mechanical, optical, electrical, information technology, trademarks and designs and litigation – and advising on international IP protection. 

Shobayashi established a specialised research department in 2011 to provide IP analysis services for operating companies and financial institutions. With  more than 10 former senior examiners from the Japan Patent Office, including a deputy commissioner and the chiefs of the patent and design examination departments, Shobayashi can offer the full breadth of expertise for validating intellectual property and determining infringement. Having established a research team in 2012 for licensing, valuation and IP-driven investments, Shobayashi provides IP due diligence services in IP licensing and M&A transactions, and IP advisory services in open innovation.

Supported by

International IP Commercialization Council

IIPCC is a non-profit, non-partisan organisation that provides a platform for the business and innovator communities to increase their understanding of intellectual property and seek resources to unleash the value and commercialisation potential of their creative and innovative intellectual property into products, services or processes. IIPCC embraces commercialisation of intellectual property that promotes sustainable economic growth, protects the environment, creates jobs for all social strata and improves quality of life. 

IIPCC’s mission is to promote IP education for business, entrepreneurs, investors, innovators, policymakers and professionals; promote good IP practices and standards towards certification for effective commercialisation in the regional and global markets; and provide social and business networks for IP commercialisation opportunities.

IIPCC comprises a highly structured networking system that enables
interaction and encourages innovation and commercialisation at all levels, thus providing a platform for the circulation of innovations and facilitating an entrepreneurial ecosystem for IP commercialisation to benefit regional and global communities.

Intellectual Property Association of Japan

The Intellectual Property Association of Japan (IPAJ) was established in October 2002 by IP researchers and business owners with intellectual property.

The IPAJ promotes research activities in interdisciplinary fields – such as law, economics, management and international relations – in order to create, protect and utilise technologies and media content. The IPAJ is attended by a wide range of people who are interested in intellectual property.

The IPAJ’s main activities include organising an annual conference for academic researchers, publishing academic journals, hosting domestic and international symposia, and promoting research activities by sub-committees. In addition, the IPAJ presents an annual award to the company which achieves remarkable results in the IP field and to students who make exemplary speeches at the conference.

Further, the IPAJ also actively promotes human resource development and makes necessary proposals to the Japanese government through its activities.

Intellectual Property Owners Association

The Intellectual Property Owners Association (IPO), established in 1972, is a trade association for patent, trademark, copyright and trade secret rights holders. The IPO serves all IP rights holders in all industries and technology fields. The IPO advocates for effective and affordable IP ownership rights and provides a wide array of services to members, including supporting member interests relating to legislative and international issues, analysing current IP issues, providing information and educational services and disseminating information to the general public on the importance of IP rights.


Syndefense provides collaborative services to technology companies and research institutions in IP protection and IP value creation, leveraging expertise in patent optimisation, corporate transactions and advanced defensive systems.

Syndefense promotes innovation by helping clients to accrue, retain and reinvest hard-earned capital. Syndefense’s experience and connections allow it to provide a new model, enabling the companies that create intellectual property to stay ahead of patent assertion entities.

Syndefense’s business model incorporates:

  • IP-driven M&A and market entry advice;
  • consultation on IP value creation and defence; and
  • a project-financing platform, leveraging IP value.

Syndefense’s services include:

  • thorough assessment of clients’ IP assets;
  • advisory models to maximise return or minimise risk;
  • project management services, supervising members of the client’s team;
  • a comprehensive suite of services through global partners in the technology, finance, M&A, IP law, data mining and analysis and market intelligence fields; and
  • help with raising investment capital or brokering mergers and acquisitions.

Osaka Institute of Technology

The Osaka Institute of Technology (OIT) teaches intellectual property at both graduate and undergraduate level. For graduate students, the OIT Graduate School of Intellectual Property offers an IP professional master’s course. The school was established with the aim of fostering the IP talent needed by industry and the rich curriculum on offer covers all the necessary fields for IP professionals, including legal, innovation support, global IP management and IP business management. Students can choose from 60 subjects in view of their future goals. To provide this wide range of educational choices, the faculty is composed of IP practitioners with extensive experience in industry and government IP agencies. 

The institute’s unique Faculty of Intellectual Property also offers undergraduate IP education. No other educational organisation in Japan has an undergraduate IP faculty.

IP Bridge

In 2013, IP Bridge was founded under the guiding principle of Open Innovation.  This means that IPs should be discoverable, accessible and affordable to any and all, and IP Bridge will play the role of a professional facilitator.  While it was funded primarily by a quasi-governmental entity, Innovation Network Corporation of Japan, IP Bridge is a private corporation that eschews nationalistic goals and instead manages its patent portfolio to bridge IPs and its creators with peoples and entities that may make use of IPs anywhere in the world. 

IP Bridge is active in providing strategic consulting services for companies that needs the professional Chief IP Officer’s advice to proactively maximize the value of the client’s IPs, while also offering a defensive IP strategy that minimizes the risk and cost of litigation if it should come to that. 

IP monetization takes various forms including a license business, but IP Bridge places greater emphasis on providing IPs and management support to young, innovative businesses, as well as procuring funding based upon valuable IPs.  With more businesses growing inside a creative ecosystem, IP Bridge believes both markets for IPs and goods and services will grow, thereby investing in a vibrant future. 

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AutoHarvest Foundation, a non-profit organisation, operates a unique innovation ecosystem led by some of the most highly respected figures in the automotive and manufacturing industries. In 2012 AutoHarvest.org was launched as the world’s only truly neutral and global online meeting place for all types of innovator with an interest in advanced manufacturing. It allows users to showcase their capabilities, technologies and needs system wide and privately connect with fellow inventors and business developers to explore technology and commercial opportunities of mutual interest. The AutoHarvest interest group consists of over 300 prominent R&D and manufacturing organisations from industry, government and academic organisations. AutoHarvest is part of the Detroit Regional Innovation Network and was recently awarded a multi-year grant by the New Economy Initiative Foundation of Southeast Michigan.

IP CloseUP

IP CloseUp is a leading source of insight for people who need to keep up with the business side of intellectual property. Readers turn to IP CloseUp for the latest news and perspectives on patents and other IP rights, trends and the people and events that drive them.

IP CloseUp’s readership includes executives, entrepreneurs, journalists, investors, lawyers, engineers, researchers and inventors. Its regular features highlight transactions, people, events, research, books and videos. It has also developed IP CloseUp® 30, a real-time snapshot of IP licensing company stock performance and recent news that can be placed on the reader’s home screen or desktop.