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Intellectual Asset Management

Intellectual Asset Management (IAM) is a unique publication which focuses on the many ways in which intellectual property and intangible assets can be used to create corporate value. In-depth articles, case studies, interviews and surveys, as well as a widely read blog, provide a high-level corporate readership with cutting-edge insights into how intellectual property and other intangibles can be used to create strategic advantage, build shareholder returns, generate bottom-line revenue and gain greater leverage in the financial markets.

IAM was launched in July 2003 and, with its unequalled appeal to the boardroom, has established itself as the only IP publication that is principally read on a regular basis by senior corporate executives.

The magazine is topical, timely and continually thought provoking for its subscription-based readership. Editorial quality and integrity are paramount. The quality of the editorial is guaranteed by an in-house team, based in London and

Hong Kong, with long-established journalistic track records in the specialist IP and business press, including on titles such as the Wall Street Journal and the Financial Times.

IAM also publishes a weekly email which has over 17,000 subscribers. It comprises a summary of the magazine’s popular blog and jurisdiction-based international reports from leading law firms. The website hosts a fully searchable archive of all articles and supplements published since 2003, plus an events section and the blog.

IAM currently publishes two unique guides. The IAM Patent 1000 which identifies the top patent practitioners in key jurisdictions around the globe. The IAM Strategy 300, now in its fifth year, provides a unique listing of the men and women who, through their strategic advice, are generating wealth for their clients from intellectual property.

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IP Bridge, INC

IP Bridge, founded in 2013 by INCJ (Japanese Governmental Fund), strives to contribute to the creation of a future where the aspirations of the people can be fulfilled, with the open innovated world and the creation of new businesses, services and industries through the optimization of IP Assets.


Syndefense provides effective collaborative services to technology companies and research institutions in IP protection and IP value creation, leveraging expertise in various fields, including patent optimisation, corporate transactions and advanced defensive systems.

Syndefense’s ultimate goal is to promote unfettered innovation by providing these entities with the means to accrue, retain and reinvest hard-earned capital. Syndefense’s extensive experience and connections in the field allow it to provide a new model that enables the companies that actually invest in and create intellectual property to stay one step ahead of the extortionist tactics of patent assertion entities.

Syndefense’s business model is centred on three components: transaction-based IP-driven mergers and acquisitions and market entry advisory services; retained consulting services for effective IP value creation and defence; and a project financing platform leveraging IP value.

Syndefense’s services involve a thorough assessment of the value of a company’s IP assets. Syndefense offers a variety of different advisory models to aid in maximising potential return or minimising IP risks. In some cases, Syndefense offers project management services, supervising members of the client organisation’s team. In other cases, Syndefense offers a comprehensive suite of services through global partners in the fields of technology, finance, mergers and acquisitions, IP law, market intelligence and helps to raise investment capital or broker mergers and acquisitions between organisations.

Shobayashi International Patent & Trademark Office

Shobayashi International Patent and Trademark Office  was founded by Masayuki Shobayashi in 1998. 

As MrShobayashi has a background in chemistry, the firm initially focused  on this field of technology. There are now around 200 members of Shobayashi, including more than 50 patent attorneys who specialise in patents, designs and trademarks. Shobayashi patent attorneys have wide-ranging backgrounds, from mechanical and electrical to biochemistry, agriculture and  computer and software.

One of the most distinctive features of Shobayashi is the diversity of staff members.  In addition to specialised and experienced patent attorneys, the members of Shobayashi include attorneys at law, a former judge of the Tokyo IP High Court, former patent examiners, former patent trial examiners, a registered New Zealand patent attorney, a certified public accountant, a US certified public accountant, a chartered financial analyst and an IP analyst.  By virtue of the vast and wide-ranging expertise of such diverse and talented staff members, Shobayashi is in a strong position to provide comprehensive and tailor-made IP services to its clients in addition to IP prosecution and litigation.

Further, Shobayashi has been providing comprehensive IP services directly to international clients, by providing advice and managing their IP portfolios in Japan.

Shobayashi International

Deloitte Tohmatsu Financial Advisory Co., Ltd.

Deloitte Tohmatsu Financial Advisory (DTFA) uses a one-stop shop approach to provide clients with strategic and transactional-related services such as M&A advisory and due diligence, corporate restructuring, capital and debt financing, IP transactions, forensic investigations and valuation services. DTFA’s professionals have broad M&A capabilities so that critical issues involving M&A transactions can be identified and resolved.  DTFA has approximately 400 financial advisors in Japan and works closely with other Deloitte member firms to leverage the deep intellectual capital of Deloitte professionals worldwide.

Deloitte provides audit, tax, consulting and financial advisory services to public and private clients spanning multiple industries. With a globally connected network of member firms in more than 150 countries, Deloitte brings world-class capabilities and high-quality service to clients, delivering the insights they need to address their most complex business challenges. Deloitte employs approximately  200,000 professionals, all committed to achieving the  standard of excellence.

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Intellectual Property Association of Japan

The Intellectual Property Association of Japan (IPAJ) was established in October 2002 by IP researchers and business owners with intellectual property.

The IPAJ promotes research activities in interdisciplinary fields – such as law, economics, management and international relations – in order to create, protect and utilise technologies and media content. The IPAJ is attended by a wide range of people who are interested in intellectual property.

The IPAJ’s main activities include organising an annual conference for academic researchers, publishing academic journals, hosting domestic and international symposia, and promoting research activities by sub-committees. In addition, the IPAJ presents an annual award to the company which achieves remarkable results in the IP field and to students who make exemplary speeches at the conference.

Further, the IPAJ also actively promotes human resource development and makes necessary proposals to the Japanese government through its activities. 

Gold sponsors

Finnegan, Henderson, Farabow, Garrett & Dunner, LLP

Finnegan is one of the world’s largest IP law firms practising all aspects of patent, trademark, copyright and trade secret law, including patent infringement litigation; strategic planning and portfolio management; complex patent office proceedings; and licensing, counselling and prosecution.


Headquartered in Washington DC, the firm has offices in the United States, Europe and Asia – including Shanghai, Taipei and Tokyo.  We opened our Tokyo office in 1988 and have forged strong relationships with Japanese companies which remain important clients of the firm. Our Japanese clients’ businesses span a wide range of technologies, including the computer, telecommunications, semiconductor, mechanical, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and chemical industries.

For more than 25 years we have represented Japanese clients in high-stakes matters to help them protect, advocate and leverage their valuable IP assets. 

Intellectual Ventures

Intellectual Ventures is the global leader in the business of invention and is interested in collaborating on your next big idea. Whether you’re an innovative product company looking to leapfrog a competitor or an inventor looking to monetise your invention, connect with us. We have the portfolio, network and capital you need to license, develop and sell inventions. Together, we can energise the invention economy and help to drive innovation around the world.

Transpacific IP Group Limited

Transpacific IP Group Limited is the only full-service IP strategy company based in Asia. Established in 2004, the company is headquartered in Singapore with offices in the key Asian technology centres of Taipei, Hsinchu, Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Tokyo. It has more than 100 seasoned IP and technology veterans with extensive knowledge of and experience with intellectual property in Asian and international markets.

As the world’s leading IP strategist and adviser, Transpacific IP specialises in connecting global IP markets and fostering the development of new technologies. Through its full breadth of IP services – analytics, investments, strategy and transactions – the company assists its clients in realising maximum gain from their IP assets. Clients include Fortune 500 companies, universities, research labs, individual inventors and organisations of all sizes.

Transpacific IP


For over two decades intellectual property teams and outside legal counsel have trusted Chipworks’ Patent Intelligence Services to help them identify and fully leverage their best patents, protect their competitive position, prepare for litigation and develop successful IP strategies. 

By combining deep patent and market knowledge with the most sophisticated in-house technical analysis abilities in the world we have demonstrated an unrivalled ability to match patents to products – and deliver solid evidence of use in high-revenue markets.

Headquartered in Ottawa, Canada Chipworks delivers services from global offices. 


HTS is a select team of experienced and credentialled licensing, technical and business executives. We have a core team of highly skilled IP professionals, each with up to 20 years of best practice experience in licensing, litigation, patent prosecution, valuation, reverse engineering and patent asset brokerage. We have supported and led licensing programmes resulting in many multimillion-dollar settlements, and generated several hundred million dollars of incremental revenue for our clients. We work with Fortune 500 technology companies in the United States, Europe, Japan, Korea, Taiwan and China, with a reputation for integrity that is unsurpassed in the industry.