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Griffith Hack

Griffith Hack integrates the full range of IP skills to maximise intellectual property from every angle.

Our IP economics team applies a value-based approach to reveal new opportunities and pathways to maximise returns on innovation and intellectual property.

Our integrated knowledge of technology, brands and corporate finance leads to smarter strategy, creative problem solving, better risk management and increased value, all of which enable clients to make business decisions with confidence.

These capabilities have resulted in us being recognised as Australia’s Best IP Specialist Firm and Best IP Valuation Firm.

Davies Collison Cave

Davies Collison Cave (DCC), Australia's leading specialist IP firm, provides the full range of strategically focused IP services throughout Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and other Association of Southeast Asian Nations member states.

Understanding, advising and protecting clients’ intellectual property in accordance with their individual strategic business needs is our priority, and we are internationally recognised as innovative leaders by clients and professional organisations. DCC LLP opened in Singapore in 2015 to ensure our support for clients’ IP strategies complements their business plans seamlessly across multiple jurisdictions in the Asia-Pacific region.

Our people have a broad range of backgrounds in science and technology backgrounds, coupled with extensive industry experience and technical and legal skills. Many are also leaders of local and international professional bodies that advise governments on IP policy, and this deep knowledge of the IP legal and policy framework directly benefits clients.

Our services include:

  • patents;
  • trademarks;
  • trade secrets;
  • domain names;
  • copyright;
  • designs;
  • plant variety rights;
  • licensing and commercialisation;
  • litigation and dispute resolution; and
  • privacy and data protection.

Clarivate Analytics

Clarivate Analytics accelerates the pace of innovation by providing trusted insights and analytics to customers around the world, enabling them to discover, protect and commercialise new ideas faster. Formerly the IP and science business of Thomson Reuters, we have assisted customers for over 60 years. Now an independent company with over 4,000 employees operating in more than 100 countries, we remain expert, objective and agile.

IAM Market

An online marketplace for buy and sell-side practitioners, IAM Market brings together people who see the commercial value of intellectual property and technology and want to do business together. IAM Market aims to simplify the IP transactions market, as well as making it more transparent.

It allows IP owners to profile their licensing, sales operations and technology transfer programmes, as well as provide details of specific rights that they are interested in transacting. Meanwhile, it allows IP buyers to search IP assets based on industry, technology and transaction type, while also facilitating requests for intellectual property and technology. IAM has no stake in or knowledge of the deals.


Watermark has a long history of partnering with clients to maximise the value of their intellectual property.

This approach is influenced by our understanding of clients’ businesses and the industries in which they operate and is geared to help them achieve their commercial and strategic objectives.

We have a proud 157-year history in intellectual asset management. We are Australian owned and employ more than 110 people nationally, 40 of whom are practising IP professionals. Our services include:

  • patents and designs;
  • trademarks;
  • IP legal matters;
  • IP advisory matters; and
  • competitor business intelligence.

We have offices in Victoria, New South Wales and Western Australia and an international presence strengthened by a global network of associates in over 50 countries, giving clients access to local support throughout the world.

FB Rice

FB Rice is a specialist IP firm with a broad range of clients – from Australian start-ups to global corporations. The firm has a reputation for providing pragmatic advice based on clients’ commercial objectives.

FB Rice has offices in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth and a dedicated network of associate firms globally. It is well known in the Australian market for its work with the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation and a range of research institutes, universities and innovation hubs that support emerging businesses. The firm’s attorneys are keen advocates of the important role that intellectual property plays in encouraging innovation and are known for developing IP strategies with high commercial impact.

Global corporate clients value the ease with which FB Rice enables them to coordinate their IP protection in Australia and throughout the Asia-Pacific region. They also value the firm’s strategic advice on maximising the impact of filing in these regions.

The firm provides advice on patent and trademark prosecution, as well as opposition and international filing strategies. All advice is provided within the context of clients’ corporate strategies and adapted accordingly. Technical areas covered include:

  • biotechnology;
  • pharmaceuticals;
  • medical devices;
  • information technology; and
  • engineering.

The firm has grown rapidly in recent years, developing expertise in emerging technologies and adapting to changes in IP management across the globe.

Silver sponsors


Solubility provides a comprehensive IP and commercialisation law service for creative businesses seeking personalised, efficient and responsive service at competitive rates. Our services include:

  • commercialisation transactions, including licences, assignments, joint ventures and collaborative research agreements;
  • structuring advice for technology commercialisation, including company incorporation, shareholder and subscription agreements and related investment documentation;
  • operational contracts, including manufacturing, distribution and supply agreements, terms and conditions, privacy policies, material transfer agreements, confidentiality agreements, consultancy and service agreements, clinical trial agreements and publishing agreements;
  • legal assistance regarding access to Australian government’s R&D tax incentive, including intercompany licensing arrangements and local operational contracts; and
  • trademark prosecution services, IP advice and due diligence.

Solubility’s founder is a certified licensing professional who has been recommended in the IAM Licensing 250, the IAM Patent 1000 and the IAM Strategy 300, and listed as a Managing Intellectual Property IP Star.

Solubility provides pro bono services and has been represented on the Arts Law Centre volunteer adviser panel since 2003. It also established and presents the annual Licensing Executives Society Australia and New Zealand “Licensing Year in Review” seminar, and its professionals have lectured on the University of Melbourne “Licensing of Patents and Know How” LLM course since 2008.


Since 2000, AULIVE has conducted innovation research for top technology-driven companies. Out of over 800 innovation projects and extensive creativity research, AULIVE designed PatentInspiration, a novel interface for global intellectual property. PatentInspiration analyses big patent data for solving problems with existing out-of-domain patent solutions, for identifying markets for existing intellectual property and for predicting innovation through trend analysis. Some highlights of PatentInspiration are its strong text analysis, unique innovation maps, top search vocabulary expander, combination analysis, open innovation mapping, one-click competitor list and freedom to overlay any XY. 

Through property and function abstraction, AULIVE created Innovation Logic and trained over 1,500 researchers in Europe. With over 3,000 monthly free users and over 700 members, PatentInspiration actively inspires universities and technology-driven companies, such as GlaxoSmithKline, Procter & Gamble, SKF, CSR, Shell, L’Oréal, SABMiller and Kodak. The patented method and software was awarded the INSEAD Innovation Award in 2010. AULIVE was nominated as a 2016 Cool Vendor by Gartner. AULIVE has opened an innovation training resort for IP and innovation professionals, R&D engineers and technology marketers in Glen Elgin, New South Wales.    


Founded in the United Kingdom and Japan in 1990, Intralink works with IP-rich companies from Europe and North America to develop and execute licensing strategies for the key markets in Asia-Pacific. The company has offices in Japan, Korea, China and Taiwan and a staff of over 50 full-time, bilingual people engaged in IP-related activities. 

Intralink has experience of working with intellectual property across a broad range of technologies and sectors, from semiconductors and photonics to telecoms and displays. The company works for some of the best-known technology companies in the world and, through its non-litigious patent licensing activities, has concluded deals with many of Asia’s leading original equipment manufacturers. The company has also licensed enabling technologies in the electronics, energy, automotive and biotech fields. 

Intralink has offices in London, Berlin, Boston and Silicon Valley and – through its presence in Asia – strong relationships with the IP departments of Asia’s patent holders.


PatSnap is the leading IP analytic and management platform that empowers even non IP-proficient users to understand their competitive landscape and maximise return on IP assets. Through a simple yet powerful interface, intellectual property is now accessible to everyone, allowing users to compete and innovate on a global scale.

Founded in 2007, PatSnap is used by R&D, business and IP professionals in thousands of commercial and non-profit organisations around the world, including NASA, the Department of Defence, China Mobile, Goodyear and Vodafone.

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The Licensing Executives Society (LES) is an association of 32 national and regional member societies interested in the transfer of technology or licensing of IP rights – from technical know-how and patented inventions to software, copyright and trademarks. LES Australia and New Zealand is a chapter of LES comprising more than 350 members from a range of industries.  

We aim to: 

  • encourage high professional standards among individuals engaged in the transfer and licensing of technology and industrial and IP rights;
  • improve members’ licensing skills and techniques through self-education; conducting special studies and research; sponsoring educational meetings; publishing statistics, reports, articles and other material; and exchanging ideas on domestic and foreign licensing;
  • inform the public, government bodies and the business community on the economic significance of licensing and the high standards of those in the profession; and
  • share up-to-date, accurate information on licensing via seminars, events, presentations and our annual conference.

International IP Commercialization Council

IIPCC is a non-profit, non-partisan organisation that provides a platform for the business and innovator communities to increase their understanding of intellectual property and seek resources to unleash the value and commercialisation potential of their creative and innovative intellectual property into products, services or processes. IIPCC embraces commercialisation of intellectual property that promotes sustainable economic growth, protects the environment, creates jobs for all social strata and improves quality of life. 

IIPCC’s mission is to promote IP education for business, entrepreneurs, investors, innovators, policymakers and professionals; promote good IP practices and standards towards certification for effective commercialisation in the regional and global markets; and provide social and business networks for IP commercialisation opportunities.

IIPCC comprises a highly structured networking system that enables
interaction and encourages innovation and commercialisation at all levels, thus providing a platform for the circulation of innovations and facilitating an entrepreneurial ecosystem for IP commercialisation to benefit regional and global communities.

Knowledge Commercialisation Australasia

Knowledge Commercialisation Australasia (KCA) is the peak body leading best practice in industry engagement, commercialisation and entrepreneurship for research organisations. We achieve this through expert delivery of stakeholder connections, professional development and advocacy.

KCA is a platform for sharing experiences and achieving common goals as a collective across the member base. KCA provides the tools and opportunities necessary to spur on greater translation of research for economic and community benefit and create a more vibrant and productive Australian economy.

KCA is the united, trusted voice of members, advocating their needs and interests to stakeholders in the broader community. In a bid to improve the translation of research for economic and community benefit locally, KCA aids in analysing performance and supporting improved practices, promoting the benefits of the knowledge exchange sector to the broader community and advocating for change to enhance those benefits further.


We are Australia’s national science agency. Our work has affected the daily lives of Australians and those around the world.

With over 5000 talented experts working in 55 centres across Australia and overseas and a burning desire to get things done, we are a catalyst for innovation and a global force in transforming imagination into reality. 

We are a billion dollar organisation and generate A$485 million-plus in external revenue – essentially nearly 40% per cent of our revenue is externally sourced. We work with over 1200 small and medium-sized enterprises and 2,877 customers each year and are always looking for ways that we can help business and industry.

Our ability to achieve results is reflected in the quality of our science excellence and research. We are in the top 1% of global research institutions in 15 of 22 research fields and in the top 0.1% in four research fields. 


SODA Inc is one of five founder-focused business incubators in New Zealand, headquartered in Hamilton.

SODA’s focus is on supporting founders of business with high-value intellectual property, or a unique business model to scale and export globally. Founders with good ideas can be found anywhere, which is why SODA’s incubation programmes are delivered remotely throughout New Zealand.

SODA helps founders to identify the best team of globally sourced experts relevant to their business and cover their costs while in the programme.

IP Australia

IP Australia is the Australian Government agency that administers intellectual property (IP) rights and legislation relating to patents, trademarks, designs and plant breeder’s rights.

We contribute to the innovation system more broadly by using our skills and experience to advise government agencies and Australian businesses on how to make the most of their IP.

We provide valuable insights to academics, businesses and policy makers through our research and work with a range of international agencies to build and strengthen the IP rights system.

By contributing to the improvement of Australian and international IP systems, we are supporting Australia's economic development.

We are committed to creating an effective, efficient and accessible IP rights system and our vision is to have a world-leading IP system that builds prosperity for Australia.

Media partners

International Law Office

Launched in 1998, the International Law Office (ILO) is the nexus where global corporate counsel engage with the world’s preeminent law firms, and with each other. The ILO brand encompasses a multifaceted online resource for senior international corporate counsel, which provides tailored, qualityassured updates on global legal developments, a database of the world’s major deals and the legal advisers involved, and a comprehensive directory of firms and partners. Recognising its unique relationship with global corporate counsel, ILO is an Online Media Partner to the Association of Corporate Counsel, the International Bar Association, the American Bar Association Section of International Law, the Inter-Pacific Bar Association and the European Company Lawyers Association.


Lexology is the single most trusted online source of free, accessible and searchable global legal knowledge for and by legal practitioners, delivered to more than 300,000 desktops in over 100 countries around the world each day. Lexology offers a powerful research platform with an archive of over 450,000 articles in more than 20 languages covering 50 work areas worldwide. Endorsed by more than 100 associations, corporations and corporate counsel groups, Lexology is not only considered an invaluable resource of its kind, but also regarded as the industry benchmark.

World Trademark Review

World Trademark Review is a bi-monthly, practitioner-led publication which focuses on the issues that matter to trademark professionals the world over. In each issue the experienced editorial team and extensive panel of correspondents provide in-depth coverage of national and regional trends, profile the world’s major trademark offices (including how they function and handle important registration issues), and conduct interviews with leading trademark personalities.