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Maximising IP value

IAM proudly hosted the first IPBC Australasia at the Sofitel Melbourne on November 10 2016, and what a remarkable success it was!

This dedicated one-day programme took IPBC’s core themes of IP value creation and strategic IP management and provided invaluable insight into managing innovation and monetising intellectual property in such dynamic jurisdictions as Australia and New Zealand.

IPBC Australasia attracted well over 160 attendees and provided a forum for senior executives from Australian and New Zealand corporates and research institutions that either are already actively driving value from their intellectual property or have significant potential within their IP assets.

In addition, the event brought together key players from government, the investment sector and the broader IP market – both local and international.

The sessions can be revisited by reviewing the tweets posted as the event took place at #IPBCanz.

We are grateful to everyone who attended and was part of this unforgettable experience. We hope to see you again when IPBC Australasia returns to Melbourne on November 30 2017. More details coming soon!

For more information on IPBC Australasia, please contact Daniel Cole on +852 5665 5774 or at

Topics to be discussed:

To be an innovation-led company, you need a world-class IP strategy
Thursday November 10 2016 09:15-10:45

Australia and New Zealand are widely recognised as high-tech innovation leaders. But to sustain that competitive advantage, companies from this region need to put world-class IP strategies in place – otherwise they risk squandering the fruits of their R&D endeavours.  

  • The symbiotic relationship between high-quality IP portfolios and high-value innovation
  • Freedom to operate: the issue that can make or break your business
  • Communicating your strategy to management, colleagues and investors

Global view: the IP landscape in Asia, Europe and North America
Thursday November 10 2016 11:15-12:45

As Australian and New Zealand businesses seek to expand their footprint globally, they will encounter a host of IP-related challenges and prospects. In this session, experts from the region and beyond will explore some of the most significant trends and developments and explain their potential impact.

  • The United States – still number one?
  • Opportunities and pitfalls in Europe’s new unitary patent and Unified Patent Court system
  • Protecting your innovation assets in China – and exploiting them through local partnerships

Cashing in on IP development
Thursday November 10 2016 14:00-15:30

IP is all too often viewed as an unwelcome cost. But that simplistic perspective overlooks the fact that it can have a real, dollar-denominated value – which means that it can be priced, bought and sold like other types of asset. This session will explore some of the monetisation possibilities open to IP owners and their benefits or risks.

  • Putting a price on your portfolio – different valuation methods
  • Raising finance using IP assets as collateral
  • Generating bottom-line returns from patents through licensing and sales

Taking innovation to market
Thursday November 10 2016 16:00-17:30

IP assets are often instrumental in taking innovation out of the laboratory and into consumers’ hands. By focusing on best practices both in the region and elsewhere, this session will take a closer look at technology commercialisation success stories and what lessons they can teach us.

  • Patents as the key to collaboration, co-development and open innovation
  • Identifying commercialisation opportunities at home and abroad
  • IP as a driving factor in incubation, spin-outs, joint ventures and M&A

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