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“It is, I believe, the best conference for IP strategy anywhere.”   Kurt Brasch
Head of patent transactions

“Anybody with an interest or who’s involved in the IP space should be attending IPBC Global. It’s an event that features some of the top thought leaders in intellectual property from across the world, and it’s a great place to come and meet new people and see what’s going on in the IP space, learn and make new deals.”   Leonid Kravets
Director, senior counsel, corporate development and strategy

“IPBC Global is really the top-notch IP conference.”   Marc Ehrlich
Senior vice president, patent strategy

“It’s nice to have different parts of the ecosystem all in one place at one time, discussing whatever the latest issues are. I find it very energising and engaging. ”   Micky Minhas
Vice president, IP licensing and engineering

“IPBC is a force for change.”   Nigel Swycher

“IPBC is an opportunity to meet other leaders in the IP field, strategists and alike; IPBC is part of my events calendar every single year.”   Bruce Schelkopf
Chief IP officer

“These conferences are clearly top-shelf IP forums and I plan to attend as many as I am able to.”   Joseph M Sommer
Vice president, intellectual property
AT&T Inc

“The event is a great place to meet and greet a great diversity of IP professionals, not only the 'legal' side of IP. The IPBC attracts many people who are active in diverse roles within small and large organisations, and who drive a new creative business thinking around IP.”   Edith Hermans
Group director IP
Tessenderlo Group

“IPBC is the place to be for networking – you meet friends and people you work with. The conference is excellent for improving the way we work and seeing what is important for the future of intellectual property.”   Guillaume Menage
Vice president, licensing and IP counsel
France Brevets

“IPBC is the best conference on intellectual property; it’s a great place to meet all types of people involved in IP rights.”   Béatrix de Russé

“The IPBC is unique in the world of IP.”   David Kappos
Cravath Swaine & Moore LLP

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