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- Day 1 - Sunday, June 16
17:30-19:30 Opening reception
Day 2 - Monday, June 17
07:15-09:00 Registration and networking
09:15-17:45 Morning plenaries and afternoon sessions
09:15-09:55 Keynote address


Maria Varsellona, Chief Legal Officer and President, Nokia Corporation and Nokia Technologies

09:55-11:10 CIPO discussions: IP in the 5G era

The introduction of 5G wireless technology will help to fuel exponential growth in the number of connected devices. However, with the technology still in its infancy, how do you prepare for the potentially massive licensing opportunities?

  • Licensing across new industries – the pros and cons
  • Lessons learned from 3G and 4G
  • Patent royalties or service margins?


Lyse Brillouet, Vice President, IP and Licensing, Orange
Gustav Brismark, Chief IP Officer, Ericsson
Changhae Park, Chief IP Officer, NXP Semiconductors

11:10-11:50 Networking break
11:50-13:00 Women in deal making

The IP deal-making world is dominated by men. But when gender diversity is being championed not only as good in itself, but also as a way to enhance business performance, it is time for the patent market to embrace change.

  • The advantages of gender diversity
  • How to bring more women into deal making
  • Programmes that are making a difference


Vicki Barbur, Senior Director, IP and Technology Commercialisation, Battelle Memorial Institute
Eeva Hakoranta, Senior Vice President and Head, IP, Nokia Technologies
Dori Johnson Hines, Partner, Finnegan, Henderson, Farabow, Garrett & Dunner LLP
Anna Holmberg, The Vera Project Manager, Center for Intellectual Property (CIP)
Sharon Lai, IP Counsel, Americas, Volvo Car Corporation
Ceyda Azakli Maisami, Senior Patent Counsel and Patent Development Director, HP Inc

13:00-14:30 Lunch and networking break
14:30-15:45 Breakout 1
Inside the 21st century corporate IP team

IP has never been more important to overall corporate strategy, but IP functions have never been more under cost and delivery pressure. Squaring the circle is crucial

  • How AI and analytics are changing everything
  • Doing much more with much less
  • Building and retaining a world-class team


Jens Bördin, Co-founder, Partner and CEO, Konsert Strategy & IP


Josh Death, Head, IP, TD Bank
David Dutcher, Chief Patent Counsel, Western Digital Corporation
Gabriele Mohsler, Vice President and Head of Patent Development, Ericsson

14:30-15:45 Breakout 2
Five years on from Alice

In 2014 the Supreme Court issued its fourth decision on patent-eligible subject matter in five years. Few cases in the last decade have caused as many ripples as Alice Corp v CLS Bank.

  • What is the state of play in the United States, Europe and China?
  • The added implications of Berkheimer
  • Best practices for protecting and enforcing subject matter affected by Alice


Kent Richardson, CEO, Richardson Oliver Insights, LLC


Cassandra Derham, Head, Technical IP, Amadeus
Ian Maclean, Vice President, IP Services, TechInsights

14:30-15:45 Breakout 3
Innovative IP strategies for life sciences

Patents are business critical in pharma and biotech. But as the industry undergoes rapid change, do old ways of managing IP need to be rethought?

  • Managing pharma IP in the age of big data and personalised medicine
  • Learning lessons from the high-tech sector
  • A new focus on monetisation – CRISPR and beyond


Paul Coletti, Associate Patent Counsel, Johnson & Johnson
Paul Fehlner, Chief IP Officer, Axcella
Mark Kokes, Chief IP Officer, NantWorks
Denise C Lane, Director, IP, Boston Scientific
Karen A Sinclair, Director, IP, Harvard University

15:45-16:30 Networking break
16:30-17:45 Boot camp 1
Getting the deal through: licensing into new sectors

The Internet of Things presents new licensing opportunities in new markets and industries which may not be accustomed to traditional monetisation practices. While cross-industry deal making is becoming the norm, it poses significant challenges for licensors and licensees.

  • How to build relationships in new industries
  • The pitfalls of a purely royalty-based licensing approach
  • Avoiding disputes and structuring win-win deals


David Yurkerwich, Senior Managing Director, Ankura


Mattia Fogliacco, CEO, Sisvel
Orin Herskowitz, Senior Vice President, IP and Tech Transfer, Columbia University
Marie MacNichol, Senior Director, Patent Licensing, Dolby Laboratories
David Pridham, Chair and CEO, Dominion Harbor

16:30-17:45 Boot camp 2
The investors’ perspective

Although there continues to be uncertainty around patent monetisation in some parts of the world, IP’s attractiveness as a non-correlated asset means that investor money is increasingly attracted to the space. But that’s where the education process often begins.

  • Types of investor and the opportunities they are seeking
  • How to build a case that ticks all the right boxes
  • Top tips for securing investment


Elvir Causevic, Managing Director, Houlihan Lokey
Courtney Quish, Director, Fortress Investment Group

17:45-19:15 Drinks reception
Day 3 - Tuesday, June 18
07:15-09:15 Breakfast and networking
09:15-17:30 Morning plenaries and afternoon sessions
09:15-09:55 Keynote address


Andy Sherman, EVP, General Counsel & Corporate Secretary, Dolby Laboratories

09:55-11:10 CIPO scenarios

CIPOs discuss how they would handle a series of hypothetical scenarios in the real world, such as:

  • A major court issues a decision that could have substantial implications for an important part of your company’s patent portfolio. How do you go about doing an impact assessment and then advising the C-suite on the risks or opportunities that the decision presents?
  • Your global patent portfolio stretches into the thousands and has long been a source of pride for your business. However, a new CEO sees the global proliferation of patents as essentially a numbers game, questions the worth of such a large portfolio, and proposes that you file fewer applications and abandon much of what you have. How do you respond?
  • Unbelievably, you have managed to persuade the board to allocate an additional 5% to your budget. How did you do it, what do you spend it on and why?
  • You have been hired by a company that develops ‘smart’ refrigerator technology in the United States and outsources the manufacture of the resultant products to China as its first full-time CIPO, 18 months before a planned initial public offering. Your role is not only to ensure freedom to operate, but also to develop value creation strategies based around the company’s IP: a small portfolio of Chinese and US invention and design patents; a relatively well-known, high-end brand; plenty of know-how; and a lot of data. The CEO, who believes he was the inventor of the original technology underpinning the refrigerator, wants to conquer the world. What’s your plan?


Michael Lee, Head, Patents, Google

11:10-11:50 Networking break
11:50-13:05 View from the pantheon

A panel of IP Hall of Fame inductees and Academy members delves into key developments in the United States, Europe and Asia, assessing their impact and providing advice on how IP owners should respond.

  • Analysing key developments in the global IP market
  • Where is the worldwide patent pendulum?
  • How CIPOs should react to legal and policy changes around the world


Ruud Peters, CEO, Peters IP Consultancy B.V.
Terry Rea, Co-vice Chair, IP, Crowell & Moring LLP

13:05-14:15 Lunch and networking break
14:15-15:30 Breakout 1
Inside the global IP market

With an exclusive reveal of the IAM benchmarking survey of over 800 senior corporate and private practice IP decision makers, this session explores how market players view the state of play in global litigation, deal making and corporate IP strategies.

  • The state of the current global IP market
  • Threats to IP value creation
  • How the leading patent offices are performing


John Lindgren, President & CEO, IPValue

14:15-15:30 Breakout 2
New protection paradigms

Much new innovation is centred on areas in which obtaining patent coverage is either tough or inadvisable – which means devising new protection strategies incorporating different kinds of IP right.

  • Trade secrets, data protection and other options for Industry 4.0
  • Breaking down the silos and building a fully integrated IP protection strategy in the data era
  • A global or a local approach?


Peter Damerell, Partner, Powell Gilbert


Erich Andersen, Corporate Vice President and Chief IP Counsel, Microsoft
Jyri Lassi, Chief IP Officer, PayPal

14:15-15:30 Breakout 3
Blockchain in focus

Blockchain has been widely recognised as a disruptor. However, the technology also has significant potential for IP protection.

  • Assessing the potential hurdles for large-scale application
  • Using blockchain as a tool for managing your patent function
  • Get me more patents! Avoiding the temptation to go for quantity over quality


Juan C Gonzalez, Vice President and Senior Managing Counsel, IP, Mastercard

15:30-16:15 Networking break
16:15-17:30 Masterclass 1
IP valuation in the fourth industrial revolution

In the fourth industrial revolution, it has never been harder to value IP – or more important. But where do you start?

  • Different valuation methods and techniques
  • How context affects valuation
  • Explaining and communicating value internally and externally


Matthew Moyers, Managing Director, HighTech-Solutions


Jako Eleveld, Head, IP Licensing, Royal Philips
Michael Pierantozzi, Senior Manager, IP Licensing, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

16:15-17:30 Masterclass 2
Preparing for the future

Led by rapid technological change, client demands – internal and external, private practice and corporate – are fast developing. As a result, in-house and private practice advisers, as well as service providers, need to fundamentally rethink their approach.

  • What will the corporate IP function look like in 10 years?
  • How private practice lawyers and attorneys must adapt their offerings
  • Revolution and consolidation for service providers


Brian Hinman, Chief Commercial Officer and Head, EMEA, Aon IP Solutions
Matthew Kuipers, Senior Counsel, IP, Uber Technologies Inc

17:30-19:00 Closing drinks reception

This is a provisional programme only and sessions are subject to change.

For speaking opportunities, please contact Aaron Rawcliffe at

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