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IPBC Global celebrated its 10th anniversary at the Shaw Centre in Ottawa from June 18 to 20. Not only is the Canadian capital an exciting innovation hub in its own right, but it is also the base from which Canada marked its own 150th anniversary – also in 2017.

For senior IP executives, convergence has become a pivotal issue. As innovation and new technology platforms have brought together industries that just a few years ago were very separate, traditional IP management strategies have had to be reinvented and new operational models developed.

The programme for IPBC Global 2017 reflected this changed reality and examined the challenges that convergence poses for the IP community from a multiplicity of angles. Whether it be how to organise a world-class IP function, build a best-in-class portfolio of IP assets, create a fit-for-purpose standards regime or maximise licensing and sales opportunities in this new environment, the unrivalled speaking faculty for IPBC Global 2017 had it all covered.

For the first time at IPBC Global, IAM introduced a range of exciting and fresh session formats – including Internet of Things and patent sales boot camps, and “How to be Brilliant” masterclasses on in-house IP management and licensing – as well as the unrivalled three days of networking opportunities that IPBC Global always offers. 

IPBC Global 2017 has been a huge success and we thank everyone who attended - we hope to see you in San Francisco next year.

Topics to be discussed:

Keynote address – Ottawa Salon
Monday June 19 2017 09:30-10:20

IP in the boardroom: An inside perspective from a senior executive at a major international company.

Where innovation meets IP – Ottawa Salon
Monday June 19 2017 11:00-12:30

Senior IP executives from Global 100 Leading Innovator companies talk about their roles in capturing innovation and maximising its value.

  • What makes an innovation leader?
  • Making sure the IP voice is heard loud and clear
  • Meeting the challenge of convergence

Standard futures – Room 205
Monday June 19 2017 14:15-15:30

Convergence makes standards vital; but with disputes between licensees and licensors at standards-setting bodies and beyond escalating, can the current system survive?

  • Defining what is standard and essential
  • How standards-setting organisations must evolve
  • The role of patent pools

Managing the China challenge – Room 206
Monday June 19 2017 14:15-15:30

The growing global power of Chinese technology companies, combined with the rapid expansion of China's domestic market, creates dramatic IP strategy implications for businesses around the world.

  • Licensing strategies and setting royalty rates for China
  • Dealing with the regulatory authorities
  • Risk mitigation for Chinese companies in the United States and the European Union

The state of play – Ottawa Salon
Monday June 19 2017 14:15-15:30

Current patent market conditions in the United States, Europe and Asia, and how they are likely to develop over the coming year.

  • Values and volumes
  • What’s selling, what’s not
  • Who is buying and why

Convergence boot camps
Monday June 19 2017 16:10-17:30

Focusing on two areas of key importance, with an emphasis on delivering practical, ready-to-use insight and information. 

Boot camp: The Internet of Things – Room 205
Monday June 19 2017 16:10-17:30

A deep dive into the IoT patent landscape and an exploration of the major IP issues facing corporate executives.

  • Key IoT players identified
  • Inside IP IoT management and licensing strategies
  • Where the technology is heading

Boot camp: Patent sales – Room 206
Monday June 19 2017 16:10-17:30

The profiles of patent buyers, as well as their motivations, are changing. This makes the ability to package assets to maximise deal-making success more important than ever.

  • What is driving the market
  • Evidence of use and other key selling points
  • Getting the pricing right 

IP Hall of Fame induction – Ottawa Salon
Tuesday June 20 2017 09:30-10:00

A ceremony to honour the 2017 inductees into the IP Hall of Fame: Antonio Campinos, Charles Gielen, Carl Horton and Philip Johnson.

Meeting the convergence challenge – Ottawa Salon
Tuesday June 20 2017 10:00-11:15

Technological developments mean that major overlaps now exist in and between sectors and industries that once were very distinct. This poses significant challenges for senior corporate IP leaders.

  • How convergence changes strategic IP approaches
  • Open versus proprietary technology
  • Aligning IP and business in the age of convergence

20/20 vision – Ottawa Salon
Tuesday June 20 2017 11:50-13:00

Major players in the global IP market get out their crystal balls to predict what it will look like in three years’ time and how strategies should be shaped to prepare for this.

  • Who and what will be driving the market
  • Where the patent system will stand
  • New business models to look out for

All change in Europe – Room 206
Tuesday June 20 2017 14:30-15:45

The UK’s shock Brexit vote has delayed implementation of the Unified Patent Court system, but that has not stopped Europe from becoming an attractive patent litigation hub.

  • What Brexit means for European patent owners
  • Planning a litigation strategy in Europe
  • Understanding the full impact of the ECJ’s Huawei v ZTE ruling

The US pendulum – Ottawa Salon
Tuesday June 20 2017 14:30-15:45

Post-election, patent reform could return to the legislative table; the Federal Circuit, meanwhile, is adding meat to Alice’s bones; then there is the PTAB. Where next for the US patent pendulum?

  • The current state of patent eligibility play
  • Developments at the Patent Trial and Appeal Board
  • Analysing the Trump presidency’s patent policy priorities

Policy priorities – Room 205
Tuesday June 20 2017 14:30-15:45

The importance of innovation within a converging world means that IP is now much further up the policy agenda than ever before. This means different things in different countries, though.

  • Understanding sovereign patent funds
  • The role of IP in encouraging innovation hubs
  • Fighting back against the rise of IP scepticism 

How to be brilliant
Tuesday June 20 2017 16:25-17:45

Masterclasses with key takeaways from the people who know.

Masterclass: Being a brilliant in-house IP group – Room 205
Tuesday June 20 2017 16:25-17:45

Convergence makes the in-house IP function more important than ever before. Ensuring that their departments are best in class is a key skill of chief IP officers.

  • Identifying best practices and putting them in place
  • What does a world-class in-house IP team look like?
  • The role of benchmarking  

Masterclass: Doing brilliant licensing deals – Room 206
Tuesday June 20 2017 16:25-17:45

In the new age of convergence, licensing deals are becoming more sophisticated. Understanding the new dynamics and delivering value to licensees are paramount.

  • The rise of technology licensing
  • Outsource licensing or keep it in-house?
  • The keys to successful deal making 

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