Name Position Company
Steve Adam Vice president WiLAN
Erich Andersen Vice president and deputy general counsel, IP group Microsoft Corporation
Keith Bergelt CEO Open Invention Network
Bruce Berman CEO Brody Berman Associates
Ben Beune Chief licensing officer SISVEL
Rubén Bonet President and CEO Fractus
Jens Bördin CEO Konsert Strategy & IP
Jasminder Brar Director, strategic development and intellectual property Titan Medical Inc
Kurt Brasch Senior patent licensing manager Google
Gustav Brismark Chief IP officer Ericsson
David Brown Global head, sales & services Thomson Reuters IP & Science
Jean-Marc Brunel Head of intellectual property Snecma
Colleen Chien Associate professor of law Santa Clara University School of Law
Charles Clark Global head of IP Edwards Ltd
Alexandra Cordes Head of strategic IP initiatives SAP
Gilles Cruanes Director, Europe, Middle East and Africa Questel
Béatrix De Russé IP Hall of Fame inductee 2012
Giustino de Sanctis CEO Vectis
Murali Dharan CEO IPValue
Q Todd Dickinson IP Hall of Fame inductee 2012
Abha Divine Founder and managing director Techquity Capital Management
Chris Donegan CEO, Europe EverEdge IP
Charles R Eloshway Senior patent counsel, Office of Policy and International Affairs US Patent and Trademark Office
John Flock Partner Kenyon & Kenyon
Michael D Friedman Former managing director Ocean Tomo
Eeva Hakoranta Head of patent licensing Nokia Technologies
Peter Harter Co-founder Markup
Alyssa Harvey Dawson Vice president, global intellectual property and licensing HARMAN International
Brian Hinman Chief IP officer Royal Philips
Heath Hoglund Vice president and chief patent counsel Dolby
David J Kappos IP Hall of Fame inductee 2012
Ashley C Keller Managing director Gerchen Keller Capital
Pat Kennedy Founder and chair Cellport Systems
Joo Sup Kim Vice president and head of IP licensing LG Electronics
James Kovacs Director, patent licensing group Intel Corporation
Subash Krishnankutty Head of business development, IP Kudelski Intellectual Property & Innovation
Ralf Lamberti Director, intellectual property, trends and innovation Daimler AG
Paul Levins General manager, Asia-Pacific and Europe Invention Development Fund
Richard Lloyd North America editor IAM
Allen Lo Deputy general counsel, patents and patent litigation Google
Antonio López-Carrasco Comajuncosas Coordinator Centre of International Intellectual Property Studies
Anna López-Lozano IP director Esteve Quimica
Monica Magnusson Vice president, IP policy and communication Ericsson
Daniel Maier Head of IP licensing and transactions Siemens AG
Mike McLean Senior vice president, IP services TechInsights
Donald Merino Managing director Merino IP Consulting
Guillaume Minnoye Vice president, directorate of general operations European Patent Office
Cynthia Murphy Vice president, sales strategy and planning Thomson Reuters IP & Science
Ruud Peters IP Hall of Fame inductee 2010
Robert Pocknell Chair Fair Standards Alliance
James Pooley IP Hall of Fame inductee 2016
Stephen Potter Director and co-founder Visual Metaphors at Work
David Pridham Chair and CEO Dominion Harbor Group
Randall Rader IP Hall of Fame inductee 2011
Ilkka Rahnasto Vice president and head of patent business Nokia Technologies
Iain Richardson CEO Vcodex Ltd
Kent Richardson Partner Richardson Oliver Law Group
Bruce Schelkopf Chief IP officer ABB
Eric Schulman Former head of IP Uber
Ken Seddon CEO LOT Network
Talal Shamoon CEO Intertrust
David Shofi Vice president, IP strategy solutions CPA Global
Joseph Siino President Via Licensing
Amy Simpson Partner Perkins Coie LLP
Ylva Skoglösa Senior partner Valea AB
Erich Spangenberg CEO nXn Partners
Stefan Tamme Vice president, IP strategy and licensing Rambus
Claudia Tapia Garcia Director, IP rights policy Ericsson
Boris Teksler CEO Unwired Planet
Craig Thompson Co-founder and partner TnT IP
Nikolaus Thumm Senior fellow European Commission Institute for Prospective Technological Studies
Anthony Tridico Partner Finnegan
Phyllis Turner-Brim Vice president and chief IP counsel Intellectual Ventures Management LLC 
Judy Yee Assistant general counsel, patents Microsoft Corporation
Rob Yost Senior director, IP strategy Visa, Inc
Tao Zhang Senior director, IP strategy Huawei Device USA


Steve Adam

Steve Adam is responsible for business development at WiLAN, including the establishment of partnerships with patent owners and acquisitions. He has more than 15 years’ experience working with patents and has been involved in more than 35 patent acquisitions and partnerships totalling more than 10,000 patents. In addition, Mr Adam has 25 years’ experience in management, sales, business development, licensing and strategic alliances.

Before joining WiLAN in 2010, Mr Adam worked at patent licensing company Pachira IP, where he had global responsibility for business development. Before Pachira, Mr Adam spent seven years at Chipworks – a patent-related technical services firm – most recently as vice president of patent intelligence.

Mr Adam has spoken at several conferences on the issues of patent quality and patent licensing. He has a BA in economics from Wilfrid Laurier University and is a member of the Licensing Executives Society.

Steve Adam

Erich Andersen

Erich Andersen is vice president and deputy general counsel for Microsoft Corporation, and leads the IP group.

Mr Andersen joined Microsoft in 1995 and has worked on legal, regulatory, technical and policy issues, handling many of the company’s strategic relations with partners. He led the Europe, Middle East and Africa legal and government affairs team from Paris for three years. He was also previously vice president and deputy general counsel for Microsoft’s Office and Windows product divisions.

Previously, Mr Andersen served as law clerk at Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in Portland, Oregon and the US District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan. He started law practice with Davis Wright Tremaine in Seattle.

Mr Andersen graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and from UCLA School of Law, where he was chief managing editor of the law review. 

Erich Andersen

Keith Bergelt

Keith Bergelt is CEO of Open Invention Network (OIN), the largest patent non-aggression community in history, which supports freedom of action in Linux as a key element of open source software. OIN has over 1,900 community members and owns more than 1,100 global patents and applications. The OIN patent licence and member cross-licences are available royalty free to any party that joins the OIN community.

Before joining OIN, Mr Bergelt served as CEO of two hedge funds formed to unlock the considerable asset value of intellectual property in middle-market companies.

Previously, Mr Bergelt served as a senior adviser to the technology investment division at Texas Pacific Group. He also headed business development, intellectual property and licensing at Cambridge Display Technology. Additionally, he established and served as general manager of the strategic intellectual asset management business unit at Motorola and served as Motorola’s director of technology strategy.

Keith Bergelt

Bruce Berman

Bruce Berman is CEO of Brody Berman Associates, a management consulting and strategic communications firm that that works with innovative businesses and their IP rights to improve understanding and enhance return.

Brody Berman has improved the performance, value and reputation of more than 200 IP holders, portfolios and professionals. Mr Berman has personally counselled numerous IP executives, litigators and private equity investors, as well as their clients, and has helped to influence financial and other stakeholders.

He is author or editor of five books: The Intangible Investor, From Assets to Profits, Making Innovation Pay, From Ideas to Assets and Hidden Value. He also publishes the popular blog IP CloseUp. 

Mr Berman is a member of the IP Owners Association, the Licensing Executives Society, the Intellectual Asset Finance Society and the IP Hall of Fame Academy. 

Bruce Berman

Ben Beune

Ben Beune has a master’s in civil law from the University of Utrecht, the Netherlands. Since 1986, he has worked in the legal departments of various Philips divisions. In January 2002 he was appointed senior vice president of Philips International, responsible for the worldwide implementation of the compact disc and DVD patent licence programmes. In 2011 Mr Beune was appointed executive vice president and chief operating officer of One-Red LLC – a company established by Philips, Sony, Pioneer and LGE – to further implement and maintain those programmes and to act as licensing agent for One-Blue LLC with respect to the One-Blue patent licensing programmes.

Since September 2015, when he joined the SISVEL group as executive vice president and chief licensing officer, he has led the worldwide implementation of all of SISVEL’s licence programmes, including for LTE, 3G, Wi-Fi, wireless and DVB-T.

Ben Beune

Rubén Bonet

Rubén Bonet is co-founder, president and CEO of Fractus, a European technology company specialised in the global wireless and telecoms industries. In 2005 Fractus was named a Technology Pioneer by the World Economic Forum.

Mr Bonet has an MSc in telecommunications engineering and an MBA from IESE Business School. Earlier in his career, he was a strategy consultant at Arthur Andersen. A summary of his accomplishments includes the spin-off of Fractus from an R&D university, the funding of Fractus with €20 million of venture capital, Fractus’s international expansion across the United States and Asia, the formation of strategic partnerships with large industrial corporations, a later-stage management buy-out and the negotiation of patent technology licensing agreements.

Mr Bonet was recently appointed entrepreneur in residence at IESE and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) chair of IP Europe, representing European SMEs.

Rubén Bonet

Jens Bördin

Jens Bördin is co-founder, partner and CEO of Konsert Strategy & IP. He specialises in strategy development and performance improvement in terms of business-driven IP management, technology portfolio and investment management and leverage and exploitation of intellectual assets. His experience includes leading C-level strategy projects, multi-year implementation projects and large-scale multilateral projects at and between corporations ranging in size from technology growth companies to Fortune 100s.

In addition to his industry engagements, he is a strategic adviser to several public research entities (including the €1 billion Graphene Flagship) regarding innovation, intellectual property and industry collaboration. In addition, he has co-developed proprietary software tools for analysis, management and visualisation of intellectual assets and property.

Mr Bördin holds an MSc in innovation and entrepreneurship from Chalmers University of Technology and a BSc in business administration from the University of Gothenburg School of Business, Economics and Law.

Jens Bördin

Jasminder Brar

Jasminder Brar is the director of strategic development and intellectual property at Titan Medical Inc, a medical device company based in Toronto, focused on the research and development of robotic surgical technologies.

As an experienced IP strategist, Mr Brar has brought together business, technical and legal perspectives to develop and execute a comprehensive IP strategy for Titan that encourages technical innovation, maximises business objectives and mitigates risks. He has pushed intellectual property to the forefront of Titan’s business, ensuring that its IP strategy remains aligned with its business strategy.

Before joining Titan, Mr Brar practised with a leading IP law firm in Vancouver and spent several years with a Silicon Valley-based semiconductor company with roles in engineering and technical marketing.

Mr Brar holds a law degree and a bachelor’s in computer engineering, both from the University of Manitoba.

Jasminder Brar

Kurt Brasch

Kurt Brasch leads strategic initiatives for Google’s transaction teams in addition to heading up multiple patent licence negotiations. He designed and managed the Patent Purchase Promotion and Patent Starter Programme, which Google launched in 2015. Mr Brasch was also Google's lead negotiator on the Cisco cross-licence that was signed in early 2014. He came to Google in 2012 after the Google acquisition of his former employer, Motorola Mobility (MMI). At MMI, he was director of outbound patent licensing for the connected home division and also led the intellectual asset management team. Before MMI, Mr Brasch created and led a start-up consulting business focused on training technical managers. Before that endeavour, he was with Motorola’s government business for 18 years. 

Mr Brasch has a bachelor’s degree in finance from Arizona State University and a master’s in business administration from Northern Illinois University.

Kurt Brasch

Gustav Brismark

Gustav Brismark is chief IP officer and head of IP rights and licensing at Ericsson, where he is responsible for patent licensing and patent development worldwide. With more than 39,000 granted patents, Ericsson has one of the strongest radio communication patent portfolios in the industry.

In a career spanning 30 years at Ericsson, Mr Brismark has held various senior positions, including:

  • vice president of patent strategies and portfolio management, responsible for Ericsson’s IP rights strategy, fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory (FRAND) strategy and patent portfolio management; and
  • vice president of patent development, where he introduced portfolio management practice into Ericsson’s IP rights organisation to increase value creation and developed Ericsson’s IP rights strategy and FRAND strategy and pricing.

He was also director of product management at Wideband Code Division Multiple Radio Access Networks and has worked for Ericsson Japan.

Mr Brismark received his MSc in physics engineering from Uppsala University, Sweden.

Gustav Brismark

David Brown

David Brown serves as the global head of sales and service for Thomson Reuters IP and science. His main responsibility is overseeing a billion-dollar go-to-market function dedicated to serving customers across the innovation ecosystem.

During his 26-year career in the information industry, Mr Brown has been connecting customers to the information, software and services required to innovate and manage IP assets. By supporting customers at the intersection between science and commercialisation, he helps them to create competitive advantage and drive commercial success.

Mr Brown has held a variety of senior leadership roles in sales, business development and general management. He was most recently the president of IP services at Thomson Reuters.

Mr Brown holds bachelor’s degrees in history and computer applications from the University of Notre Dame and received his MBA from the University of North Carolina.

David Brown

Jean-Marc Brunel

Jean-Marc Brunel leads the Snecma IP division and the Safran Group IP Centre of Excellence. Snecma files more than 400 patent applications each year and the 13,000 patents (including patents pending) in the Centre of Excellence’s portfolio make it one of the top French filers.

Mr Brunel has nearly 25 years of IP experience gained from large aerospace companies where he held various engineering positions. Before his current position, he was head of intellectual property at Airbus.

Mr Brunel graduated in electrical engineering and obtained a master’s in innovation management. He is a Centre for International Intellectual Property Studies graduate, a French and European patent attorney and has an advanced degree in European patent litigation from Strasbourg University of Law.

He is a recognised lecturer on various master of business administration and executive programmes and at international conferences, and is an active member of a number of professional associations.

Jean-Marc Brunel

Colleen Chien

Colleen Chien is associate professor at Santa Clara University School of Law and consultant to the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, where until recently she served as senior adviser, intellectual property and innovation. Professor Chien is nationally known for her research and publications surrounding domestic and international patent law and policy issues. She has testified before Congress, the Department of Justice, the Federal Trade Commission and the US Patent and Trademark Office. She frequently lectures and has published several in-depth empirical studies, including of patent litigation, patent-assertion entities (a term that she coined), patent quality, the International Trade Commission and the secondary market for patents.

Before entering academia, Professor Chien prosecuted patents at Fenwick & West and was a strategy consultant. She has been named a Yamamoto Emerging Scholar, a Silicon Valley Women of Influence and one of the world’s 50 Most Influential People in Intellectual Property.

Colleen Chien

Charles Clark

Charles Clark is global head of intellectual property at Edwards Ltd, a world-leading manufacturing company providing vacuum solutions to many industrial sectors, including semiconductor manufacturers and scientific instrument original equipment manufacturers. He has a degree in physics and gained seven years’ experience working as a research engineer before switching to the IP sector.

Mr Clark worked in specialist patent attorney practices in London and in-house with Black and Decker before joining Edwards over eight years ago. During his time at Edwards, he has been responsible for all IP matters across the business during a transformative period starting with divestment from the BOC Group into private equity ownership – relocating manufacturing facilities into Asia and eastern Europe – through two initial public offering processes which ultimately resulted in shares being offered on NASDAQ before the acquisition of the business by Atlas Copco in 2014.  

Charles Clark

Alexandra Cordes

Alexandra Cordes is vice president and head of strategic IP initiatives at SAP. As head of this team, Dr Cordes has global responsibility for determining SAP’s IP strategy, as well as its patent licensing programme, IP pre-litigation matters, IP monetisation and open standards activities. She has over 15 years’ experience in IP law and licensing, including the design and implementation of strategic licensing and IP programmes at SAP.

Since joining SAP in 2000, Dr Cordes worked in different functions in the global legal department on a variety of legal and IP matters. This included supporting strategic partnerships, global business initiatives, policy development, software licensing and mergers and acquisitions. She led and implemented several industry-first initiatives such as the SAP inbound open source process, which today serves as a best practice example in the industry. She has a doctor of law degree (international law) from the University of Munster, Germany.


Alexandra Cordes

Gilles Cruanes

Gilles Cruanes brings more than 15 years’ international experience in software sales and business transformation to his current managerial position at Questel in Paris.

Leading the Europe, Middle East and Africa team, Mr Cruanes’s mission includes supporting IP and innovation leaders in embracing new collaborative technologies supported by smart people, in order to meet their strategic challenges and better manage their intangible assets; and transforming Questel’s team by providing consultative selling to strategic customers.

Before joining Questel, Mr Cruanes was regional director for Dassault Systèmes, based in Singapore and covering the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, Australia-New Zealand and Indian markets for 10 years. He also held senior international management positions at Lectra and the SGS Group in Brazil, Chile and the African region between 1994 and 1999.

Mr Cruanes has an MBA from the Rotman School of Management in Toronto, Canada. He speaks four languages and resides in Paris.

Gilles Cruanes

Béatrix De Russé

Béatrix de Russé was inducted into the IP Hall of Fame in 2012.

She recently became president of boutique IP consulting firm BAIP, providing consultation on various IP matters – such as IP strategy, organisation, licensing, joint ventures and all other IP matters – to corporations throughout the world. In this role she leverages her 20 years’ experience as head of intellectual property and licensing at Thomson/Technicolor, where she sat on the executive committee and then on the board of directors. She also built and managed one of the biggest and most lucrative high-tech patent licensing operations in the world – realising an annual licensing revenue of more than $600 million – with a team which grew from a handful to more than 200 highly experienced IP professionals across the world. She first joined Thomson/Technicolor (then Thomson SA) in 1976 as an international contract lawyer. 

Béatrix De Russé

Giustino de Sanctis

Giustino de Sanctis is the founder and CEO of Vectis, an IP and technology licensing business unlocking the value of innovation sharing for implementers and IP owners. Mr de Sanctis leads a team of senior licensing professionals to connect patent owners with product makers, building long-lasting, mutually beneficial collaborations and bringing added value to every party involved in the process.

A recognised leader in patent pools and IP licensing, Mr de Sanctis led the creation and launch of joint licensing programmes in LTE/4G and 802.11 (WiFi). Before that, he structured and managed Audio MPEG’s MP3 licensing programme, one of the most successful licensing programmes in the consumer electronics industry. Mr de Sanctis has negotiated agreements with the top consumer electronics, mobile and software companies, coordinating multi-jurisdictional litigations, creating a global licensing team and introducing to the licensing industry a pioneering vertical licensing strategy and unique reporting verification system. 

Giustino de Sanctis

Murali Dharan

Murali Dharan has guided the growth of IPValue from a start-up to an industry leader, helping partners to generate nearly $1.6 billion in IP revenues. He joined the company in 2002 as executive vice president and became CEO in 2007. He is passionate about technology, committed to upholding the principle of return on invention and focused on serving marquee partners in their endeavour to earn a fair return on their IP portfolios, thus contributing to a vibrant and virtuous R&D cycle.

Previously, he held executive roles at various technology companies, including executive vice president at Preview Systems, vice president and general manager at Silicon Graphics and vice president and general manager at NEC. He started his career as a research computer scientist at Amoco Production Company (now BP). He has an Indian electrical engineering undergraduate degree, a master’s in computer science from Indiana University and an MBA from Stanford University.

Murali Dharan

Q Todd Dickinson

During his long career in intellectual property, Q Todd Dickinson has worked in-house as head of IP at GE and in private practice as a senior partner in the IP group of Howrey. He also held office in the US government as under secretary of commerce for intellectual property and director of the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) during the presidency of Bill Clinton. In 2014, Dickinson stepped down as executive director of the American Intellectual Property Law Association, a role in which he continued to be a driving influence in US IP policy making. Today, Dickinson is partner and global chair of the client select strategic services group at Novak Druce Connolly Bove + Quigg, LLP.


Q Todd Dickinson

Abha Divine

Abha Divine is the founder of Techquity Capital Management, an IP investment firm devoted to unlocking value from innovation. Before Techquity, Ms Divine launched AT&T Knowledge Ventures, overseeing the worldwide IP portfolio for AT&T. She has been recognised by the National Taskforce for Knowledge and IP Management as Innovator of the Year and been named an IAM Strategy 300 leading IP Strategist since the guide’s inception. Previously, as vice president of corporate strategy, she was responsible for launching SBC’s data networking, managed services and hosting businesses, as well as restructuring its consumer broadband strategy.

Ms Divine earned an MBA from the University of Texas, a master’s of science in electrical engineering from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and bachelor’s degrees in electrical engineering and applied mathematics from Southern Methodist University (SMU). She serves on the board for SMU’s Bobby B Lyle School of Engineering and MIT’s Visiting Committee for Research.

Abha Divine

Chris Donegan

Chris Donegan is European CEO of EverEdge IP, an international consulting firm specialising in intangible assets, and a partner of Azure Wealth, a London-based private wealth management firm.

Intellectual Asset Management has ranked him as one of the world’s top IP strategists since 2011, during which time he has advised on the investment of over $300 million into IP-based businesses – most notably iCeutica and Iroko Pharmaceuticals, where he remains a board adviser.

He is a serial entrepreneur, having founded and successfully exited a European bank, US broker dealer, UK stockbroker, US fund of funds and European asset manager.

The first 10 years of his career were spent at UBS Warburg and Accenture, where he structured over $3 billion of transactions and worked primarily with multinational corporations.

Mr Donegan has a BSc in biochemistry and microbiology from Leeds University and a PhD and DIC in molecular neurobiology from Imperial College.

Chris Donegan

Charles R Eloshway

Charles R Eloshway is senior patent counsel in the Office of Policy and International Affairs at the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). He represents the United States in multilateral and bilateral negotiations concerning patent law and practice. 

Mr Eloshway first served as a patent examiner, followed by assignments in the USPTO Solicitor’s Office and the Office of Patent Quality Review. He was deputy director of IP policy and enforcement, where he was responsible for the formulation and execution of IP administration policies. Mr Eloshway has received numerous awards throughout his long career at the USPTO.

Mr Eloshway graduated from Pennsylvania State University with a bachelor’s of science in civil engineering and from George Washington University with a master’s in science in civil and environmental engineering. Mr Eloshway also has an LLB (cum laude) from the George Washington University Law School. 

Charles R Eloshway

John Flock

John Flock has been valuing patents for 25 years – including one of the largest patent deals in recent years, the acquisition of Motorola patents by Lenovo. He brings a unique perspective to valuation by using his litigation and negotiation experience to determine a real-world enforceable value. His clients include Fortune 500 companies and his cases have twice been selected as among the National Law Journal’s Jury Verdicts of the Year.

Mr Flock has received recognition from numerous independent publications, including the IAM Strategy 300, the Legal 500 United States and Managing Intellectual Property.

Mr Flock is a member of Kenyon & Kenyon's executive committee and co-chair of its electrical/computer practice group. He has a degree in physics and served as an assistant district attorney in New York City for nine years. 

John Flock

Michael D Friedman

Michael D Friedman was most recently managing director at Ocean Tomo, LLC, overseeing its investments practice which covers investment banking, asset management and investment research. Before Ocean Tomo, Mr Friedman founded and was managing partner of FHS Investments, LLC, a multi-strategy hedge fund engaged in special situations trading, volatility arbitrage and convertible bond arbitrage. Before that, Mr Friedman was a managing director at UBS, where he ran a $3 billion portfolio. Mr Friedman practised M&A and securities law before entering investing and investment banking.

Mr Friedman has a JD from the University of Chicago Law School and a BS from the US Merchant Marine Academy, where he majored in marine engineering and nautical science. He is a lecturer in law, a member of the Visiting Committee at the University of Chicago Law School and an adjunct professor at Northwestern University Law School.

Michael D Friedman

Eeva Hakoranta

Eeva Hakoranta leads worldwide patent licensing at Nokia Technologies, heading a global team of in-house licensing professionals. In addition to managing licensing strategy and operations, she is involved in regulatory matters and business development. Previously, Ms Hakoranta established and led Nokia’s IP legal team.

Working for many years at the intersection of business, intellectual property and competition law, Ms Hakoranta has closed hundreds of agreements, managed complex litigation and enforcement projects and been deeply involved in defining terms for major transactions. In her current role she is responsible for licensing, including standard-essential patent licensing on fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory terms, where Nokia’s approach is recognised as industry best practice.

Before joining Nokia, Ms Hakoranta worked in private practice at Roschier Attorneys, advising clients on transactional, IP and technology-related matters.

Ms Hakoranta holds a master's in law from Helsinki University.

Eeva Hakoranta

Peter Harter

Peter Harter bridges the ecosystems of technology, business, law and politics. He provides advice to management, boards and investors on the risks of legislation, regulation, court cases, reputation, media, standards, treaties, political campaigns, property and labour. His subject areas of expertise include patents, cybersecurity, big data, antitrust, standards, copyright, open source, export controls, voting, nuclear reactors and rare-disease research reform.

Mr Harter’s career began in 1993 as an internet lawyer. He broadened his experience in Silicon Valley as head of global government affairs for Netscape and EMusic.com and through working in business development and sales for Securify and various start-ups. He deepened his experience in Washington DC, lobbying on patent reform for Intellectual Ventures. Mr Harter is a graduate of Lehigh University and Villanova Law School.  

Peter Harter

Alyssa Harvey Dawson

Alyssa Harvey Dawson is vice president of global intellectual property and licensing at HARMAN International.

She manages a global team developing HARMAN’s worldwide IP strategy. She established a new revenue-generating business segment focused on deriving additional value from HARMAN’s technologies, brands and patents, and HARMAN’s patent and patent pending portfolio has grown to over 5,600 patents and patents pending.

In addition, Ms Harvey Dawson leads a team that oversees the company’s patent, trademark and copyright portfolios; manages IP enforcement and litigation; oversees IP, technology and brand monetisation efforts; negotiates technology transactions and technology-driven mergers and acquisitions; and establishes policies for working with standards-setting organisations and open source software.

Before HARMAN, she worked at several large law firms and technology companies, including Netflix and eBay.

After earning a degree from Michigan State University, Ms Harvey Dawson began her career at Dow Jones. Afterwards, she pursued a law degree from Georgetown University Law Centre.

Alyssa Harvey Dawson

Brian Hinman

Brian Hinman is chief IP officer at Royal Philips, leading a worldwide team of professionals in conducting all aspects of IP management, strategy, litigation, standards activities, patent portfolio development and management and IP monetisation.

Before joining Philips, he co-founded Unified Patents Inc, a patent defensive entity, and served as vice president of intellectual property and licensing at InterDigital Communications. Previously, Mr Hinman was vice president of intellectual property and licensing at Verizon Communications, where he formed Verizon Patent Licensing Inc.

Mr Hinman also served as the founding CEO of Allied Security Trust (AST), tasked with providing a unique and effective mechanism for operating companies to address the threat of non-practising entities. Before AST, he was vice president of intellectual property and licensing at IBM Corporation and director of licensing at Westinghouse.

Mr Hinman holds degrees from the University of Pittsburgh and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

Brian Hinman

Heath Hoglund

Heath Hoglund is vice president and chief patent counsel at Dolby in San Francisco, where he has global responsibility for patents, trademarks and copyright. In this role he also oversees Dolby's patent licensing programmes. He has significant experience in building quality strategic portfolios, both organically and through acquisitions.

Before joining Dolby, Mr Hoglund founded Hoglund & Pamias – a full-service IP law firm in San Juan, Puerto Rico – where he represented a broad range of clients in the federal courts and at the US Patent and Trademark Office. He also served as an adjunct professor of patent law at the University of Puerto School of Law.

Mr Hoglund serves on the council of the American Bar Association IP section and is past president of the San Francisco IP Law Association.

He holds a JD (cum laude), an MSEE and a BSEE (cum laude) from the University of Minnesota.


Heath Hoglund

David J Kappos

David J Kappos is a partner at Cravath. He is a leader in the IP field, including in IP management and strategy; the development of global IP norms, laws and practices; and the commercialisation and enforcement of innovation-based assets.

From 2009 to 2013 Mr Kappos served as undersecretary of commerce and director of the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). In that role, he advised the president, the secretary of commerce and the administration on IP policy matters. Mr Kappos led the USPTO in dramatically re-engineering its entire management and operational systems and its engagement with the global innovation community. He was instrumental in achieving the greatest legislative reform of the US patent system in generations, through the passage and implementation of the Leahy-Smith America Invents Act 2011. Before leading the USPTO, Mr Kappos served as IBM’s chief IP lawyer from 2003 to 2009.

David J Kappos

Ashley C Keller

Ashley C Keller co-founded Gerchen Keller Capital and serves as a managing director.

Mr Keller is a leading authority on investments involving intellectual property and was recently named a top-40 global IP Market Maker by Intellectual Asset Management. Among other responsibilities, Mr Keller oversees the firm’s IP investments portfolio.

Mr Keller is a former partner at Bartlit Beck Herman Palenchar & Scott LLP. Before practising, Mr Keller was a law clerk for Judge Richard Posner at the US Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit and Justice Anthony M Kennedy at the US Supreme Court. Immediately prior to co-founding the firm, Mr Keller was an analyst at Alyeska Investment Group.

Mr Keller graduated from Harvard College and received an MBA from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business and a JD from the University of Chicago Law School, where he graduated first in his class.

Ashley C Keller

Pat Kennedy

Pat Kennedy is a founder and the chair of Cellport Systems. The company was founded in 1993 as an R&D lab focused on wireless to vehicle connectivity technologies. Cellport’s three foundational patent portfolios have been licensed to over 24 vehicle and smartphone producers. In 2014 Cellport filed suits against Toyota and BMW, and in 2016 it will file numerous additional lawsuits against well-known automotive and commercial vehicle producers.

Mr Kennedy is a named inventor on 17 patents and currently leads licensing and divestment projects at Cellport. He has a BA in international economics from the University of Buffalo.

Pat Kennedy

Joo Sup Kim

Joo Sup Kim is vice president of the LG Electronics (LGE) IP centre and manages the team responsible for litigation, licensing, counselling, open source and copyright. Dr Kim’s IP career spans over 30 years, with extensive experience in IP litigation and licensing.

Dr Kim rejoined LGE after spending time at other LG affiliates (Goldstar, LG Semicon and LG Display).

He has been involved in over 350 licensing cases and more than 50 trials worldwide, covering a vast number of technologies. Dr Kim's expertise includes both offensive and defensive matters through strategic litigation and licensing. He has successfully managed numerous strategic IP transactions, M&A transactions and alliances.

In 2015 Intellectual Asset Management listed Dr Kim among the top 40 Market Makers and among the World’s Leading IP Strategists. Dr Kim received a PhD in law from Kookmin University, Korea and a bachelor’s degree in electronics engineering from Hanyang University, Korea.

Joo Sup Kim

James Kovacs

James Kovacs is associate general counsel and director of the patent licensing group at Intel Corporation. His group manages Intel's worldwide patent-centric transactions – such as licences, cross-licences, acquisitions and sales – as well as pre-litigation patent assertions. Before going in-house, Mr Kovacs's private practice career focused on representing clients in connection with complex technology and licensing transactions, including technology and business process outsourcing. Mr Kovacs graduated with a BA in economics and psychology from the University of Michigan. He went on to earn his JD from Harvard Law School.

James Kovacs

Subash Krishnankutty

Subash Krishnankutty is senior director and head of business development, intellectual property for the Kudelski Group, where he has primary responsibility for leading the development of patent licensing, acquisition and collaboration programmes and leading deals involving technology collaboration. He was previously director of business development at Intellectual Ventures, where he led the development and go to market of its semiconductor licensing programme and played critical roles in technology collaboration deals in the display industry. Before that, Dr Krishnankutty was a business development executive in IBM’s technology and IP licensing group.

Dr Krishnankutty has a PhD in electrical and computer engineering from North Carolina State University and has work experience in numerous industries, including semiconductors, aerospace and defence, telecommunications and digital television.


Subash Krishnankutty

Ralf Lamberti

Ralf Lamberti joined Daimler AG in 1987 after studying mechanical engineering at Karlsruhe Technical University and business sciences at Rheinisch-Westfälische Technische Hochschule Aachen. At Daimler, Mr Lamberti worked in various departments, including production planning, project management, controlling, assistance, computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing, process design, documentation and logistics. In his last assignment, he was responsible for the Connected Car and User Interaction for all model lines of Mercedes cars.

Since March 2016, Mr Lamberti has headed Daimler AG’s global IP management, including trademarks and design patents for Mercedes Benz, smart, Fuso, Freightliner and other Daimler brands.

Ralf Lamberti

Paul Levins

Paul Levins is general manager, Asia-Pacific and Europe at Invention Development Fund. Mr Levins has over 25 years’ experience in the corporate, government and not-for-profit sectors. Previously, he was an executive officer and vice president of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), where he helped to set up ICANN’s Washington DC office and negotiated a new accountability mechanism with the US Department of Commerce. Before ICANN, he was chief of staff and senior adviser in several state and federal portfolios. Earlier, he held senior executive roles at several large infrastructure and telecommunications companies. He is an independent director of the board of auDA (the self-regulatory body for Australia's ‘.au’ domain space).

Mr Levins has a BA from Macquarie University, Sydney and is an honorary associate, mentor and guest lecturer at the University of Sydney’s Graduate School of Government.

Paul Levins

Richard Lloyd

Richard Lloyd is the North America editor of IAM, based in Washington DC. Before joining IAM in February 2014, he was a contributing editor to The American Lawyer and a freelance journalist. Prior to moving to the United States in 2011, Mr Lloyd was the editor of Legal Business and was previously chief European correspondent for The American Lawyer.

Richard Lloyd

Allen Lo

Allen Lo is deputy general counsel for patents at Google Inc. He leads a team of more than 80 patent professionals responsible for the company’s patent-related activity. Core areas of responsibility include patent strategy, portfolio development, licensing, analytics, acquisitions and policy. Mr Lo joined Google in 2012 during the height of the smartphone patent wars, following a 12-year career at Juniper Networks, Inc, where he served as deputy general counsel and vice president of intellectual property. 

Mr Lo started his career as an examiner at the US Patent and Trademark Office, examining software and business method applications. He spent seven years at law firm Finnegan, Henderson and clerked for Chief Magistrate Judge Infante at the US District Court for the Northern District of California.

Mr Lo received his BS in electrical engineering from Ohio State University and his JD from Georgetown University Law Centre.

Allen Lo

Antonio López-Carrasco Comajuncosas

Antonio López-Carrasco Comajuncosas is a physicist (applied physics), lawyer and European patent attorney. He has an MSc from Cranfield University (United Kingdom).

Mr López-Carrasco Comajuncosas has worked in engineering for Deustche Telephonwerke and the European Space Agency. He was a principal examiner at the European Patent Office for approximately 12 years, both in The Hague and in Munich. He also was head of the patent department at a private practice firm (Oficina Ponti, Barcelona) for approximately four years. He is currently an in-house technical expert and in-house counsel in the telecommunications sector.

Mr López-Carrasco Comajuncosas teaches at the Open University of Catalonia on IP rights strategy and tech transfer and is the Barcelona coordinator for the Centre of International Intellectual Property Studies patent course.

Antonio López-Carrasco Comajuncosas

Anna López-Lozano

Anna López-Lozano is head of intellectual property at Esteve Química, a division of pharmaceutical group Esteve, an internationally oriented company with industrial activities in Spain, China and Mexico. She has specialised in IP counselling and strategic planning and manages a global team responsible for obtaining and enforcing IP rights, as well as ensuring the freedom to operate of the company’s projects.

Before joining Esteve Química in 2009, Ms Lopez-Lozano worked for five years at the Catalonia Institute of Chemical Research, where she was responsible for establishing the knowledge and technology transfer division and for business scouting, industry projects, IP management and monetisation, technology transfer and licensing, marketing and communications.

She has a PhD in organic chemistry and a BS in biochemistry from the Autonomous University of Barcelona, and has devoted eight years to research in catalysis and immunology. She qualified as a European patent attorney in 2010. 

Anna López-Lozano

Monica Magnusson

Monica Magnusson is a director of patent strategy and portfolio management with Ericsson. She joined Ericsson in 1998 as a patent engineer and part of a team focused on forming Ericsson’s patent portfolio for Wideband Code Division Multiple Access-related inventions. Her experience with Ericsson also includes managing patent attorney groups in Sweden and in the United States and out-licensing patent portfolios in North America.

Before joining Ericsson, Ms Magnusson was a patent agent with Albihns, an IP consultancy in Stockholm, and before that an R&D engineer with Siemens-Elema, Stockholm. She holds a master’s in electrical engineering from the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm.

Monica Magnusson

Daniel Maier

Daniel Maier has more than 15 years' experience as in-house IP counsel, including 10 years managing various IP functions. Through this, he has gained rich experience in IP portfolio management and IP transactions. Mr Maier specialises in the transactional part of the IP value chain, particularly licensing-out, M&A and litigation.

Mr Maier is a European and German patent attorney with an electrical engineering background. Currently he is head of the IP licensing and transaction department of Siemens AG.

Daniel  Maier

Mike McLean

Mike McLean, senior vice president of IP services at TechInsights, leads a group of patent professionals who help technology organisations to make effective decisions about IP investments and to maximise the returns on those investments. Mr McLean has established a centre of excellence around patent portfolio management and patent assessments. His practice enables data-driven decision making and effective identification of patent assets for enforcement or sale, provides guidance on invention selection and patent acquisition programmes, and ensures the alignment of patent portfolios with IP and business strategy. Since joining TechInsights in 1996, Mr McLean has worked extensively with the technology practices of major law firms, in-house corporate counsel teams of global technology companies and external licensing agencies. Mr McLean’s team supports many of Asia’s leading patent holders through local offices in Japan, Korea, China and Taiwan.

Mike McLean

Donald Merino

Donald Merino is the founder of Merino IP Consulting, a licensing and advisory business based in Asia.  He works with individual inventors, companies and universities to help them develop their IP strategies, inventions and the potential paths towards monetisation.  Dr Merino has extensive global experience in buying, selling and licensing intellectual property. He spent nine years at Intellectual Ventures as vice president and general manager for intellectual property. During that time his team completed over 1,200 transactions for more than $1 billion. He became senior vice president for licensing, where he drove over $1 billion in Asian licensing revenue and personally led, developed and closed over $500 million in committed revenue. Dr Merino is a Certified Licensing Professional with a master of engineering degree in mechanical engineering and a PhD in interdisciplinary subjects, both from the Stevens Institute of Technology.

Donald Merino

Guillaume Minnoye

Guillaume Minnoye studied electronic engineering (telecommunications specialisation) at the Catholic University of Leuven. In 1971 he joined the International Patent Institute, which later became the European Patent Office (EPO). Until his nomination as principal director, Mr Minnoye worked in various areas of the EPO. During his time as principal director, he was in charge of information systems.

In June 2007 Mr Minnoye moved to the directorate of general operations, where he was responsible for cluster electronics and was site manager of the EPO’s Berlin branch.

In December 2010 he was elected vice president of operations (DG1). He also became site manager of the EPO’s second largest branch, located in the Netherlands.

As vice president, Mr Minnoye is responsible for more than 4,200 patent examiners distributed throughout 14 technical clusters in Munich, The Hague and Berlin.

Guillaume Minnoye

Cynthia Murphy

Cynthia Murphy is senior vice president, innovation and asset management at Thomson Reuters IP Solutions and head of sales strategy for Thomson Reuters IP & Science. She is responsible for the development and implementation of programmes that help customers to accelerate the pace of innovation and derive commercial value from their ideas.

Ms Murphy’s information industry experience includes 25 years with Thomson Reuters in a variety of general management, marketing, sales and product management leadership positions. She is a graduate of the University of Maine and earned her master's in library and information sciences from Simmons College in Boston.

Cynthia Murphy

Ruud Peters

Ruud Peters proved an inspirational leader of Philips Intellectual Property & Standards (Philips IP&S) after he took over as CEO in 1999. He first joined Philips IP&S in 1977 and after various positions in the technology and consumer electronics sectors was appointed director in 1990. Under his leadership, Philips IP&S was transformed into a global IP business – with approximately 450 people working across 16 countries around the world – that was focused on capturing the value of its IP portfolio to support the Philips businesses in their growth, profitability and competitiveness. After 15 years as the company's chief IP officer, Mr Peters retired in December 2013. Since retiring, he has established his own IP consultancy firm and serves as an advisory board member of various companies and institutes around the world.

Ruud  Peters

Robert Pocknell

Robert Pocknell is chair of the Fair Standards Alliance, an association formed to promote fair, balanced and rational practices in the licensing of standard-essential patents within the fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory policy debate. Mr Pocknell is also CEO of N&M Consultancy and has more than 25 years’ experience advising clients on IP matters. He has advised small and large companies on patent licensing in the wireless industry for more than 15 years. He was in private practice for 12 years before joining Sendo, the United Kingdom’s first mobile phone manufacturer and developer of the world’s first Microsoft smartphone. Mr Pocknell also spent two years as IP counsel at TomTom, a leading satellite navigation company.

Robert Pocknell

Stephen Potter

Stephen Potter co-founded Visual Metaphors at Work, a start-up company that helps to improve communication and trust between disparate groups in the United Arab Emirates and Europe. He also acts as an adviser to Iprova, the world-leading computer-assisted invention Swiss start-up company. His extensive career includes technical and business development positions at major companies, including ICI, WR Grace, Henkel, Rexam and CU Chemie Uetikon – and at start-up company Devex SA – in the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Germany and the United States.

Since 1998 Mr Potter has concentrated on intellectual property, first with QED Intellectual Property and then as one of the first ‘finders’ for Intellectual Ventures, acquiring $95 million worth of portfolios for IIF 1. He was chair of the Licensing Executives Society International High Tech Group and the R&D Society, was on the board of the IMD Alumnus Club (London) and has regularly been listed in the IAM Strategy 300.

Stephen Potter

David Pridham

David Pridham is CEO at Dominion Harbor Group, where he advises clients on all aspects of IP strategy. Mr Pridham's experience includes managing IP licensing campaigns, overseeing litigation strategy and implementation, directing patent capture strategies and developing defensive IP strategies and corporate IP programmes. Mr Pridham also works with clients – ranging from individual inventors and start-ups to Fortune 50 public companies – to develop IP strategy. Over the last 15 years, Mr Pridham has negotiated more than 750 IP agreements. He is a contributor to Forbes and his monthly column can be found at www.forbes.com/sites/davidpridham. 

Before founding Dominion, Mr Pridham co-founded Intellectual Property Navigation Group and served as general counsel for Firepond, Inc. Mr Pridham served as a clerk for a federal district court judge after graduating from George Mason University School of Law and Providence College. 

David Pridham

Randall Rader

Randall R Rader was appointed to the US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit in 1990, becoming chief judge in 2010. He was appointed to the US Claims Court in 1988. Before that, he served as minority and majority chief counsel to sub-committees of the US Senate Committee on the Judiciary. From 1975 to 1980 he served as counsel in the House of Representatives for representatives on the Interior, Appropriations and Ways and Means Committees. He retired from the bench in 2014.

Professor Rader has taught patent law and other advanced IP courses at the George Washington University Law School, the University of Virginia School of Law, the Georgetown University Law Centre, the Munich IP Law Centre and other universities in Tokyo, Taipei, New Delhi and Beijing. He received a BA in English from Brigham Young University (1974) and a JD from George Washington University Law School (1978).

Randall  Rader

Ilkka Rahnasto

Ilkka Rahnasto heads the patent business of Nokia Technologies, the advanced technology and licensing arm of Nokia. Nokia Technologies manages one of the industry’s broadest and strongest IP portfolios, with more than 100 licencees and annual revenues of more than €500 million.

From 2001 to 2010 Mr Rahnasto led the creation of Nokia’s patent licensing business. He then served as deputy chief legal officer of Nokia and head of legal and intellectual property for Nokia’s devices and services business until its sale to Microsoft in 2014, when he returned to lead the next chapter of Nokia’s patent business.

Mr Rahnasto has graduate and doctoral degrees from the University of Helsinki and an LLM from George Washington University (United States), which was earned on a Fulbright scholarship. His book on IP rights, external effects and antitrust law was published in 2003.

Ilkka Rahnasto

Iain Richardson

Iain Richardson is CEO of Vcodex Ltd, a company that specialises in video compression and streaming and helps clients to maximise the value of their technology and intellectual property.

Professor Richardson advises some of the world's leading technology companies and is highly sought after as an expert witness and patent litigation consultant. He has given expert testimony at the US Department of Justice, the European Commission and the European Patent Office.

An expert in video compression coding and standards and the author of four books on video coding, Professor Richardson is frequently invited to give specialist talks, including recently at the Smithsonian Institution and the US Patent and Trademark Office.

Iain Richardson

Kent Richardson

Kent Richardson counsels clients on a variety of patent and business matters, including patent buying, selling, licensing, valuation, prosecution and operations. He has licensing and marketing patent portfolio experience, resulting in more than $600 million worth of patent licence bookings. Mr Richardson has served as an expert witness on patent monetisation and licencing practices in UK and US cases.

Before founding ROL Group, Mr Richardson was general manager of ThinkFire Services USA, Ltd’s Silicon Valley office. He has worked in various senior management roles with growth businesses such as Sezmi, Constellation Capital, Rambus and Numerical Technologies. He was also a private practice attorney at Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati. 

Mr Richardson is a member of the California Bar and a US Patent and Trademark Office registered patent attorney. He holds five US patents.

He has a JD and a BSc in computer engineering from the University of Alberta, Canada.

Kent Richardson

Bruce Schelkopf

Bruce Schelkopf is group senior vice president, general counsel and chief IP officer for ABB. He is responsible for leading, developing and managing all aspects of the company’s innovative global IP operations and strategy.

Mr Schelkopf has held numerous global leadership roles in law, business and technology at IBM, General Electric, Cummins and Ingersoll Rand. He is a graduate of various engineering, business and legal programmes, with multiple degrees from Stanford University, Rutgers and Pennsylvania State University. Mr Schelkopf is also an adjunct professor of law at Indiana’s McKinney School of Law. He routinely speaks and counsels globally on successfully executing global IP strategies for competitive advantage, effecting exceptional returns on IP investment and transforming to innovative global legal department operations.

He is a practising inventor with patents pending and issued, and has received numerous global top industry awards.

Bruce Schelkopf

Ken Seddon

Ken Seddon joined LOT Network in 2015, bringing over 20 years’ experience of managing all areas of intellectual property. Previously, he worked with some of the world's largest patent holders.

Mr Seddon drafted over 300 patent applications while at Motorola and Intel and managed all US patent prosecution at Intel. As chief IP counsel of Numonyx, he led strategic IP licensing. At Apple, he developed the IP strategy for future products and acquired and defended patents from patent assertion entities. He was subsequently vice president of intellectual property at ARM before being selected to be the first CEO of LOT Network.

Mr Seddon has a BS in computer engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology, a master’s in solid state device physics and a JD from Arizona State University. He is a regular speaker at conferences and has chaired several Intellectual Property Office and American Intellectual Property Law Association committees.

Ken Seddon

Talal Shamoon

Talal Shamoon became Intertrust’s CEO in 2003. Under his leadership, Intertrust has grown from a small R&D and licensing company to a global leader in trusted computing products and services, licensing and standardisation – with a focus on digital media protection, privacy preserving technologies and governed big data. Today, Intertrust’s inventions enable billions of licensed products worldwide. Dr Shamoon also leads Intertrust’s ventures organisation, which makes strategic investments in areas relating to Intertrust’s growth plans involving the Internet of Things, trusted big data and media distribution.

Dr Shamoon previously held a series of executive positions at Intertrust and led its initiatives in the entertainment and media sectors. A recognised expert in technology strategy, IP licensing and standardisation, he is also an inventor and published author. Before joining Intertrust, Dr Shamoon was a researcher at NEC Research Institute, Princeton. He has a BSc, MEng and PhD in electrical engineering from Cornell University.

Talal Shamoon

David Shofi

David Shofi is vice president, IP strategy solutions and chief IP counsel at CPA Global. He assists clients in identifying opportunities for process improvement, cost management and efficiency implementation throughout their IP lifecycle. Before joining CPA Global, Mr Shofi was chief IP counsel for ATMI, where he developed and managed all aspects of IP generation, protection, management and enforcement. He has broad experience in patent, trademark, copyright and trade secrets and his expertise includes IP strategy and portfolio management, trade secret best practices, open source software, standards, IP licensing and mergers and acquisitions. Throughout his career, he has practised in the prosecution, transactional and litigation areas and has managed various teams of IP professionals. Before ATMI, Mr Shofi was IP counsel for IBM Corporation and an associate at Baker Botts. He earned his law degree from Pace University School of Law and his BSc in electrical engineering from Columbia University. 

David Shofi

Joseph Siino

Joseph Siino is president of Via Licensing Corporation. During his career, he has managed billions of dollars’ worth of IP and technology deals and worked with many of the world’s largest technology companies.

Before Via, Mr Siino founded successful IP companies such as Ovidian Group and Hadrian Ventures. He was also Yahoo!’s first senior vice president of global intellectual property, developing Yahoo!’s IP asset management department and structuring a range of innovative IP-centric alliances – including its historic multibillion-dollar pact with Alibaba Group, now China’s largest internet company. Mr Siino was credited with placing Yahoo! at the forefront of global IP strategy and deal making during his time there.

Before Yahoo!, Mr Siino headed the IP strategy practice at one of Silicon Valley’s top law firms. He has also designed and taught IP business, strategy and finance courses as an adjunct professor at the University of California, Berkeley. 

Joseph Siino

Amy Simpson

Amy Simpson is a partner at Perkins Coie LLP and the firm-wide chair of its patent litigation practice. Ms Simpson specialises in IP matters, including patent litigation, patent portfolio analysis and valuation and America Invents Act post-grant procedures. Ms Simpson has extensive patent litigation experience involving a broad range of complex computer and electrical-related technologies, including computer networks, software, telecommunications and e-commerce. She has represented numerous Fortune 500 companies, international companies and emerging companies in a variety of federal jurisdictions. Ms Simpson is also lead counsel on 15 inter partes review proceedings currently pending before the US Patent Trial and Appeal Board.

Amy Simpson

Ylva Skoglösa

Before joining Valea AB in 2002, Ylva Skoglösa gained a PhD in medical research at Biomedicinska Centrum in Uppsala. She has worked in the IP field since 1999, acquiring broad experience in patenting medical and biotechnological inventions. Ms Skoglösa is a sought-after specialist in handling worldwide portfolios and IP strategies relating to protein pharmaceuticals – including their formulation and production – as well as patenting of transgenic animals and plants. She has broad expertise in patentability exceptions under the European Patent Convention and in the patenting of new medical uses of known compounds.

Ms Skoglösa is a senior partner at Valea AB and key account manager for several multinational companies. She assists clients in devising IP strategies, including applications for supplementary protection certificates. She lectures on a broad range of IP topics regarding patenting of biotechnological and pharmaceutical inventions and has published several articles on recent IP law developments.

Ylva Skoglösa

Erich Spangenberg

Erich Spangenberg is CEO of nXn Partners, a company that generates actionable intelligence from structured and unstructured data. Previously, Mr Spangenberg was founding CEO of IP Navigation Group (IPNav), which provides strategic advisory services to IP owners. Earlier in his career, Mr Spangenberg was president of Acclaim Venture Group, an equity and debt investment fund focused on technology and industrial investments. Prior to that he was a senior executive at a telecommunications company, senior vice president at Donaldson, Lufkin and Jenrette and an associate and partner at the law firm Jones Day.

Mr Spangenberg earned a BA in economics from Skidmore College, an MSc in economics from the London School of Economics and a JD from Case Western Reserve University Law School, where he was editor of the Law Review

Erich Spangenberg

Stefan Tamme

Stefan Tamme joined Rambus in 2004 and is vice president of licensing and IP strategy. In this role, he leads the strategic development of Rambus's patent portfolio and the implementation of the company's IP monetisation strategies through its licensing programme and solutions business. His responsibilities include outbound licensing, standards activities and acquisitions and divestitures. He previously served as Rambus's director of global business enablement, where he led the strategic alliance partner programme and the worldwide reseller channel.

Mr Tamme has over 20 years’ global experience in the electronics industry, ranging from semiconductors to systems and software. He has been involved with inbound and outbound licensing for 20 years and has worked for major companies such as Bosch, as well as for several medium-sized companies and successful start-ups. He has an MBA from Pepperdine University and an MSEE from the Leibniz University Hanover, Germany.

Stefan Tamme

Claudia Tapia Garcia

Claudia Tapia is director of IP rights policy at Ericsson, whose networks supply around 40% of global mobile traffic. Her main responsibility is to engage in the global debate on fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory (FRAND) and other IP rights topics, particularly promoting research on FRAND. She is also responsible for other areas relating to Ericsson’s IP rights strategies and policies for standards development organisations. Before joining Ericsson, while at BlackBerry Dr Tapia focused on various IP matters, including IP rights policies in standards, global patent policies, licensing and litigation.

Dr Tapia has a law degree from the University of Valencia, an LLM from the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich and a PhD (earned on a Max Planck Institute scholarship) from the Faculty of Law in Augsburg. She is president of 4iP Council, vice chair of the DigitalEurope IP rights working group and vice chair of the TechUK IP Policy Group.

Claudia Tapia Garcia

Boris Teksler

Boris Teksler is CEO of Unwired Planet and also serves on the company's board of directors. Before joining Unwired Planet he was president of Technicolor's technology business group from 2013 to 2015.

Before joining Technicolor in 2013, Mr Teksler was at Apple Inc, where he led the patent licensing and strategy group for four years. Earlier, Mr Teksler spent 16 years at Hewlett-Packard (HP) where he held a number of positions, including founding HP’s IP licensing organisation, charged with out-licensing technology to enhance HP’s return on its investment in technology.

In addition to his expertise in intellectual property, Mr Teksler spent 10 years at HP creating new innovative product businesses, including HP’s first internet server product line, Domain Servers; he later built HP’s first online digital photography and printing service.

Mr Teksler holds a BS in computer science from the University of California at Davis.

Boris Teksler

Craig Thompson

Craig Thompson is an IP consultant with over 20 years’ experience. From 2012 to 2015 – before establishing IP management and consulting company TnT IP – he was a senior vice president at Alcatel-Lucent, where he headed up the 150-member IP business group.

Before Alcatel, he was a vice president at Nokia in its legal and IP department and a member of its mobile phone group’s senior leadership team. He joined Nokia in 2005 as an IP licensing director and was responsible for a wide range of legal and IP matters, including cross-licensing, defensive and offensive licensing, open source software, mobile money, patent pools, mobile applications and IP-driven mergers and acquisitions.

Before going in-house, Mr Thompson was a partner at Finnish law firm Roschier, where he practised IP, technology and communications law for 10 years.

Mr Thompson is a law graduate of the University of Helsinki and Columbia Law School.

Craig Thompson

Nikolaus Thumm

Nikolaus Thumm is a senior fellow at the European Commission Institute for Prospective Technological Studies. He provides evidence-based policy support to the commission on issues relating to the Digital Single Market, such as innovation, technology transfer, intellectual property and standardisation. Recent activities include the analysis of patent assertion entities in Europe and the role of fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory licensing in innovation.

Until 2013 he was chief economist of the European Patent Office (EPO) and executive secretary of the EPO Economic and Scientific Advisory Board. Before joining the EPO, Mr Thumm was a senior economic counsellor for the Swiss Federation. He was chair of the UN Advisory Group on the Protection and Implementation of IP Rights for Investment – a private-public partnership group. He has also been a member of various expert groups of the European Commission, the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development and the World Intellectual Property Organisation.

Nikolaus Thumm

Anthony Tridico

Anthony Tridico is the managing partner of Finnegan's European office, located in London. He has more than 15 years’ experience in the IP law field, and his practice involves diverse technical areas – from biotechnology, chemical and pharmaceutical sciences to medical devices, diagnostic tools and instrumentation.

Dr Tridico's current practice is devoted to post-grant proceedings, appeals and oral hearings at the US Patent and Trademark Office Patent Trial and Appeal Board, as well as European Patent Office opposition and appeal procedures. Dr Tridico also focuses on international patent prosecution and portfolio management, strategic counselling – including pre-litigation analysis – and due diligence investigations.

Dr Tridico has significant knowledge of the European Patent Convention and the diversity of the European legal system and how it differs to the US system, allowing him to counsel clients with global interests in intellectual property effectively.

Anthony Tridico

Phyllis Turner-Brim

Phyllis Turner-Brim is vice president and chief IP counsel of Intellectual Ventures Management LLC. She is responsible for managing and coordinating legal services, supporting patent asset acquisitions and divestitures, licensing, prosecution and related transactions.

Ms Turner-Brim serves on the board of trustees of the American Intellectual Property Law Education Foundation, the Snohomish County Young Men’s Christian Association, Bloodworks Northwest and the Trinity Lutheran College. In 2015 she joined the board of directors of the Intellectual Property Owners Education Foundation and the Intellectual Property Office. She has acted as a lecturer and presenter on many topics, including business-focused licensing programme development, diversity in legal professions, recruitment and retention of minorities and women in technical professions, chemical patent drafting, IP strategy development, career development and personal risk taking.

She graduated from the University of Cincinnati Law School (1993) and graduated with honours from the Illinois Institute of Technology (BS chemical engineering, 1986).  

Phyllis Turner-Brim

Judy Yee

Judy Yee is an assistant general counsel in Microsoft’s IP group. She leads a team of patent attorneys responsible for the worldwide patent portfolio development and strategy of the Windows and devices group – creator of the software platform, applications, games, store and devices that power the Windows ecosystem. Additionally, she counsels the Windows and devices business on patent risk mitigation, licensing and standards activities. Before joining Microsoft, Ms Yee was an associate in the patent practice group at Perkins Coie LLP. Before entering into patent practice, she was an engineer at Intel Corporation. 


Judy Yee

Rob Yost

Rob Yost is a senior director of IP strategy at Visa, Inc, a global payments technology company. As a trusted IP business partner, Mr Yost manages Visa's global ‘digital solutions’ patent and trade secret portfolios, encompassing all aspects of Visa’s mobile payments, e-commerce and digital payment technologies. Mr Yost joined Visa from Hewlett-Packard’s (HP) IP sales and licensing group, where he delivered consistent revenue from HP’s patent portfolio through various types of IP monetisation transaction.

Before HP, Mr Yost worked for a leading patent consultancy, where he provided technical support to patent owners attempting to monetise their portfolios. Earlier in his career, he worked as a software engineer at Unisys Corporation. Mr Yost earned a BS in computer science from Drexel University and a JD from Temple University’s Beasley School of Law. He is a registered US patent attorney and a member of the Pennsylvania Bar.

Rob Yost

Tao Zhang

Tao Zhang is a senior director of IP strategy at Huawei Device USA. Her main responsibilities range from defensive patent acquisition to strategic patent portfolio development and IP monetisation. Before joining Huawei in 2012, Dr Zhang was director of IP licensing at Hewlett-Packard, where she led various IP licensing programmes, including patent sales, storage patent licensing, and HPLabs technology transfer. Dr Zhang was with Hewlett-Packard for 23 years.

Dr Zhang holds a PhD in physics from Stanford University and a JD from Concord Law School. She is a member of the California Bar, a patent attorney registered with the US Patent and Trademark Office and a co-inventor of four granted US patents.  In addition, Dr Zhang is the lead author of an IP book “Mining Ideas for Diamonds – Comparing China and US IP Practices from Invention Selection to Patent Monetization”.  

Tao Zhang